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Team performance plays a major role in the company’s growth and success. However, creating an atmosphere that promotes performance and productivity can be challenging. This is especially true for a team with employees having diverse skill sets. Even employee engagement strategies can also only bring short-term benefits. This article outlines creative tips and strategies that can help managers boost team productivity and efficiency

Boost Team Productivity And Efficiency: Customizable Training

Most employee training and development courses are designed to benefit the average employee. Such initiatives are based on general data and a strict persona that may or may not apply to each employee. In the world of e-learning and e-courses, it is common for employees to outgrow certain training programs. 

In such a scenario, allowing employees to customize their training according to their personal objectives can significantly boost their productivity. For instance, instead of restricting a graphic designer to a predefined list of courses, let your employees choose what they want to learn and excel in their field. 

Foster Healthy Communication

One big mistake companies make is failing to support and understand employee grievances. Research has shown that personal losses and challenges can dramatically impact employee performance. A simple feedback form alone cannot uncover the root cause of employee dissatisfaction. 

Fostering healthy communication can allow employees to share their opinions and provide personal insights. Combined with an anonymous feedback cycle, one-on-one team meetings and fun group activities can help managers uncover employee patterns and trends. Healthy and open communication would also greatly benefit your team dynamic and cohesiveness. 

Use Project Management ToolsUse Project Management Tools

Managers typically have to handle an array of essential tasks. Task delegation, planning and implementation, risk mitigation, and overall management of the team are just a few to mention. While creating an effective communication culture is integral. However, in the face of such heavy responsibilities, there is always a scope for making mistakes. 

This is where project management tools come in handy. Workforce project management software and tools are designed to bring all responsibilities under one roof. Such tools enable managers to enhance employee productivity and experience, in addition to delegating their responsibilities effectively. 

Allow Team Ownership

Ownership is a commonly neglected aspect of work satisfaction that adversely affects motivation and drive. In the corporate environment, subordinates are expected to follow predefined decisions and tasks. Not only does this separate them from their work and sense of accomplishment, but it also takes away accountability. 

Allow your employees to take absolute ownership of their work and accountability for its success. This will enable them to look at their work from a different lens and foster a sense of achievement in their tasks. Ownership is also an excellent way to create a workplace culture of independence. 

Rewards and Recognition

Reward and recognition for a job well done are linked closely to employee motivation and drive. That is why most businesses and organizations have an incentive program to monetarily reward their hard-working employees. But most businesses fall short of rewarding employees beyond just monetary rewards. 

As a manager, it is your job to recognize and reward high-performing employees. So instead of relying solely on the incentives, ensure to openly acknowledge and recognize their achievements. Integrate effort recognition into your feedback cycle. This would work as social proof and instill a sense of accomplishment. Public appreciation would also motivate other team members to achieve better results. 

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to lead a team. On occasions, you have to make difficult choices and provide honest criticism to improve productivity. But when delivered with kindness and grace, constructive feedback can do wonders for your team. Remember, respect and empathy are the cornerstones of a good manager.

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