Can I Ship a Car to Another State
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On average, 22 million people move every year. Just about everyone is familiar with the idea of hiring movers. But many think being able to ship a car to another state is only within the realm of car dealerships and manufacturers when in fact, it’s not.

Most people who ship their cars are private individuals, rather than commercial companies. And most of those have figured that a car will probably not fit in the moving truck!

The industry is huge, and thousands of vehicles cross state lines every day for people like yourself. More people are seeing using a car transport company as a chance to relocate without driving their vehicle.

Technology has us more connected than ever. Finding interstate car transport has become easier than ever. Availability is high, especially in populated states and the best places to move.

Just the same, more and more car buyers are turning to car shipping companies when going online looking for the perfect vehicle than ever. Auto shipping costs are also more affordable than ever before.

Choosing the Correct Cross-Country Auto Transport CompanyChoosing the Correct Cross-Country Auto Transport Company

With this ever-expanding industry, it can be intimidating to decide which car shipping company is right for you. With so many options available at your fingertips, finding an ideal choice for an auto transport carrier to relocate your car to another state may seem difficult.

You did your research and considered all that it takes to move to a new town, and pick a mover, but how do you pick a car shipper? Certain auto transporters are experts at long-distance shipping and cross-country hauls, while others offer services for both short and lengthy transportation.

It is essential to choose the car shipper that provides the balance between the most economical and reliable shipping service for you. So, whether you move to another state from a state nearby or from the other side of the country, there will be an option available.

If you want a reliable, secure, and convenient car shipping experience, then selecting a door-to-door provider is the way to go, regardless of the distance. Not only will they pick up your car at home but deliver it right to its intended destination – allowing for maximum peace of mind throughout the journey. Forget about worrying if your car will be safe in storage and skip the extra hassle of arranging transportation to-and-from those locations.

 If Your Car is a Classic Or Exotic

If the car transport you need happens to be a classic car or exotic vehicle, then you might also want to take a look towards enclosed transportation as the transport method and see if it’s something you may need.

Unlike open transport, enclosed auto transport means that your car will be protected in the sealed trailer during the shipping process.  That way, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is protected from potential harm caused by inclement weather or any debris on the road. However, it’s not the cheapest way, as enclosed transport costs 40-60% more to use that kind of service from an auto transport company.

What Happens at Pick Up

The carrier will come to your residence or business to collect the vehicle. If you live in planned unit development or any other restrictive area that may not fit a large car transport truck, they’ll alert you beforehand so that you can arrange an alternate meeting spot for vehicle shipping as a safety precaution.

Transit and Delivery of your Cross-Country Auto Shipment

Now that all the hard work is done, you can look forward to the timely delivery of your vehicle. Most car transport services are within 24 hours of their estimated date and time for arrival; therefore, be sure to set aside a window when it’s convenient for you to receive your car.

Keeping Track of Your Car During the Transport

If you opt for a trustworthy car shipping company, they will most likely provide you with a way of tracking your car’s whereabouts while on the way to another state.

The easiest way is to have direct access to the driver. When you hand over the keys and your car to the transporter, they will give you a number for any updates about shipping. You can call this number if ever in need of information regarding shipment status. If the auto transport driver does not answer, they will usually answer the transport company, so call them next.

Regardless, the best car shipping companies will keep you up to date on your car’s location and status at various times throughout its voyage. When it nears delivery, they’ll let you know that you should be ready to collect it at the destination.

Can I Ship a Car to Another State: Inspect Your Car In Your New StateCan I Ship a Car to Another State

This is not a step you want to ignore for such a long-haul shipment. The risk of damage is generally a little higher for cross-country shipping than moving a car to another state nearby, and you can’t afford to not examine your car once it’s delivered to the destination.

The US Department of Transportation’s 2008 study found that a mere 0.5% of all commercial accidents involved an auto transporter vehicle, which is quite encouraging considering the annual 1.5 million vehicle damage claims processed in the USA each year.  That’s because of the heavy regulations truckers have when moving cars as all are licensed professional drivers. Either way, you never know if that .5 percent could be you, so be sure to check accordingly!

If your car was delivered at night, move it to a well-lit area so you can check the body of the car without missing anything. Don’t forget to also check the undercarriage and the interior. If you notice anything amiss, note it on the bill of lading so you process a claim later.

You can use the copy you get at pickup and the one at delivery to compare and claim anything new marks or damage if they occur. Auto transport companies inspect a vehicle at pick-up and delivery.

Keep in mind that they are a car shipping service. All they do is move a car to another state. So, they do not account for anything in the vehicle. So be sure if you keep personal belongings inside during the vehicle shipping process, that they are not valuable.

Can i ship a car to another state: conclusion

Shipping a car across the country with an auto transport service is not exactly rocket science, but it’s a little more challenging than shipping a car over a shorter distance. Either way, always be on the lookout for anything gone wrong.

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