Restaurant Storage: Understanding the Difference Between Coolers and Freezers

Written By Alla Levin
February 27, 2023

Food safety depends on using the right equipment. If you’re opening your restaurant each day, you need to store and transport perishable items most of the time. Doing so safely can be easy if you know what kind of restaurant coolers and freezers are on the market. So, to help you out with this, we’ve dug deep into the world of restaurant storage. We’ve gathered all the info that you need to start safe, convenient food storage for your restaurant kitchen. Let’s get into it!

Restaurant Storage: Temperature Management

Coolers are designed to keep food within a temperature range of 34°F to 41°F and are best used for short-term storage and display products. On the other hand, freezers maintain sub-zero temperatures to keep food and other items frozen.

The major difference between these two is their ability to keep their respective temperature. Additionally, coolers are not able to maintain a consistent coldness. That’s why you need to rotate products often. However, freezers are better equipped to keep a constant temperature and can store food products for weeks or even months.

Space and Capacity Requirements

Coolers are typically situated in the pantry or kitchen of a home. Freezers, on the other hand, are designed for long time storage, oftentimes with an accompanying ice maker.

Restaurants and butcher shops often require freezers for storing raw ingredients. Depending on its size, a freezer can consume significantly more space than a cooler. Lastly, freezers require more power since they are used to maintain a much lower internal temperature.

Creative Applications in Everyday LifeAdvantages of Using a Freezer Over a Cooler

Both of these serve the same basic purpose which is to keep their contents cold. However, their differences are important when considering creative applications in everyday life. Coolers are great for keeping food for picnics and barbecues cold. They can also be useful for keeping beverages cold during outdoor activities.

On the other hand, freezers are useful for making homemade frozen treats such as popsicles or ice cream. It is also used for saving the bounty of fruits and vegetables that are in season for later use.

Construction and Mechanics

Coolers typically have only one layer of insulation and no defrost mechanism, so the temperature will cycle when the compressor is running. On the contrary, freezers have:

  • Two layers of insulation;
  • A defrost mechanism;
  • Moisture-tight feature.

Furthermore, they also differ in the placement of air and cooling coils, as freezers usually have them above the evaporator while coolers have them below. Check out these quality freezers for additional insights.

Advantages of Using a Freezer Over a Cooler

Commercial freezers are used to store food for months or even years. Additionally, freezers consistently stay at a temperature below 32 Fahrenheit which kills off any bacteria present in the food.

Coolers are for foods that need to be kept fresh for shorter periods, like a few days or weeks. Also, they are much lighter and can be easily moved. However, it must be filled with ice constantly and still may not effectively do the same. Both are best suited for different uses, but the primary difference is how long food can remain stored.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Restaurant Storage

Coolers and freezers are important tools for restaurant storage, but they should not be used interchangeably. Coolers are used to keep food cool for a limited amount of time, and freezers freeze food for long-term storage. Remember to properly store your food; keep it cool with coolers and cold with freezers! Did you find this article helpful? Check out the rest of our blog now!

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