Large Property Estate Protection in 9 Easy Steps

Written By Alla Levin
March 14, 2023

Your home is always at risk of burglary. And if you have a larger home than usual, you are a larger target, and it can be challenging to keep secure. Therefore, you must consider correct procedures for property estate protection that covers your land, home, and traffic overall.

Pay Attention to Overall Security

A modern security system is a great way to keep your big property safe and keep burglars away. It can have sirens, cameras, motion detectors, and other things. Working with local or national security companies is a great way to make a system that works for everyone. You can also look for a family security dog for sale to add to what you know. In general, dogs are great burglar deterrents anyway. But a family protection dog for sale, trained well, is a huge safety advantage.

Use Lighting for Property Estate Protection

Criminals are less likely to break into a house that is well-lit, which is something that is often forgotten. You should put lights outside and leave them on all night. But this is not the same for lighting inside.

Intruders might think that you aren’t home if you leave your lights on inside all the time. The best thing to do is to use timers for the lights. Make sure the lights come on when they should at night by using timers or even smart lights. You can also use timers for random lighting.

Create Physical Barriers Where NecessaryLarge Property Estate Protection

Of course, perimeter fencing puts up a physical barrier around your land, making it harder for people to get in without permission. Fencing can also be a visual deterrent and help show where your land ends and where it begins. You can make your fence out of wood, metal, or vinyl based on what you want and how much money you have. It’s important to make sure the fence is put up correctly and safely, but stay aware of any local zoning laws when doing so.

Secure Doors and Windows at Your Residence

Along with fencing, it helps to have strong locks on all doors and windows. This is because 34% of thieves try the front door, 22% use the back door, and 23% get in through windows on the ground floor. You might also want to think about extra security measures, like putting security bars or grills on windows on the ground floor or other weak entry points. Intruders will generally give up on even trying to get into your property if you make it a challenge for them to do so.

Develop a Surveillance Plan

You don’t need a lot of security steps if you don’t care about what they do and how to use them. And making a plan for real-time surveillance is one of the best ways to make the most of your protection. Here are a few tips from security and surveillance experts to help you get started:

  • Put high-quality 4K CCTV cameras all over your home to keep it safe at all times.
  • If you can, connect your camera system to any security smart apps and gadgets.
  • Make sure that there are no blind spots when you set up the cams.
  • Build a backup system so that spying can keep going even if the power goes out.
  • Keep things like growing trees from getting in the way of the view from your camera.
  • Make it clear where cars and vans should never go so as to keep CCTV clear.
  • Think about using more monitoring tools, like perimeter security drones.

When putting up security cameras, it’s important to place them in a way that gives your property the most coverage. But you should also keep in mind that privacy rules or regulations in your area may limit where you can put cameras out of respect for your neighboring homes.

Hire Full-Time Security Personnel

Hiring a security guard can be a good way to protect a big property if you can afford to do so and have the space for it. This is especially true if you need extra protection for valuable items or high-risk places. A security guard can be physically present on your property, which can stop criminals and make your property safer overall. But if you need protection, it’s important to hire a licensed and reputable company with established experience in safeguarding people.

Invest in a Strong Main Entrance

Surprisingly, most people who break into homes to steal do so by walking right in the front door. So, first, a good gate adds another layer of security and can be locked to keep people from getting in who shouldn’t. You can even put your security guards here to protect the front of the building better. You should also use a wider range of technology. For example, you can put in keypads and card readers and only give them to people you trust who are allowed to use them.

Property Estate Protection Requires Maintenance

How you take care of your property can affect how safe and secure it is generally. For example, thieves can hide in bushes and trees that have grown too big. So take good care of your grounds. This means trimming trees and bushes regularly, getting rid of any dead or overgrown plants, and keeping the grass and another ground cover neat and clipped. You should also think about landscaping features like thorny bushes or hedges to make a natural barrier.

Keep Your Family Aware of Security Procedures

Most security holes are caused by people on the inside, usually by chance. So, make sure that everyone who lives on the property knows about the safety steps you’ve set up.

Also, make sure they know how to stay safe at the house. This includes using things like keypads or card readers to control entry. Also, it’s a good idea to set clear rules for how to deal with security problems, like what to do if someone breaks in or there’s another security breach.


Property estate protection is vital for the overall well-being of your family and to keep your assets from being stolen by criminals. Therefore, it is wise to invest in certain things. These include guard dogs, surveillance technologies such as CCTV and drones, and access control.

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