Small Business Hacks: Reduce Your Operational Costs In 7 Ways

Written By Alla Levin
March 22, 2023
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Every business owner’s goal is an extensive, fat bottom line. But you can only achieve that if you manage your operational costs efficiently and raise your revenue aggressively.  

If you’re a small business, doing these two things will take a lot of time and effort. The good thing is that reducing your operational costs is something you can quickly start with.

Small Business Hacks: Reduce Your Operational Costs In 7 Ways: What Are Operating Costs?

Operating costs refer to the expenses a business incurs in its regular operations to generate revenue. These are required to keep a business running and differ from other costs, such as capital expenditures.  

Operating costs can vary depending on the type of business and the industry. But these usually include rent, salaries, utilities, marketing and advertising, cost of goods sold or COGS, and travel expenses. 

Carefully considering these costs is crucial to success for a small business owner. Even in its early stages, implementing some effective hacks can get you going much longer. This will help your business scale toward bigger, better goals.

How Do You That?

To get to that point, you can take certain steps to cut operational costs without gutting your small business. Here are some you can start with. 

Consider A Remote Work Setup small business hacks

The traditional office setting may still be in use today. But remote work has become widely accepted since the pandemic rocked the world in 2020. Its demonstrated benefits make it a lingering mainstay in today’s business landscape, probably in the long run.  

At the end of 2022, about 25% of the professional workforce in the United States transitioned to remote work. Some experts project this trend won’t drop or slow down anytime soon.

Many organizations already opt for this setup despite restrictions getting lifted. This is because a remote work setup means a reduction in rent expenses, a wider pool of talent you can acquire, and a more significant drop in the absenteeism of team members.   

Many employers also reported increased team member productivity, just one of the many virtual office benefits organizations can enjoy for scalability.

Small Business Hacks: Negotiate With Vendors

Before entering into any contract with vendors, ensure you have researched to understand the market better and negotiate from a position of knowledge. Building a positive relationship with vendors is also the best way to communicate your negotiations more effectively. This makes future exchanges more pleasant, straightforward, and advantageous.

Manage Controllable Expenses Efficiently

Controllable expenses are expenses that don’t have a fixed amount. Examples are utilities like water and electricity, office supplies, personnel, and maintenance expenses. 

Once you identify the ones you can safely reduce, you can implement ways to control them effectively. Some examples include: 

  • Reducing energy and water consumption;
  • Going paperless;
  • Doing routine maintenance of office equipment to prevent breakdowns;
  • Efficient scheduling of staff; 
  • Hiring part-time staff instead of full-time;
  • Hiring interns;
  • Using shared resources;
  • Leveraging social media for advertising campaigns.

These steps seem small, but the savings add up eventually. All that extra money can then be reinvested into the business, allowing it to grow.

Evaluate Your Technology Technology can significantly help businesses,

Technology can significantly help businesses, but you’re not maximizing its potential if you’re using outdated tools. Identifying which areas in your workplace could use an upgrade is essential.  

For example, you may be using multiple software tools that perform the same functions. It’s best to cancel the subscription on the one you can do without than maintain two or more.   

Also, consider automating some of your processes if your business runs on repetitive tasks. This will increase speed and boost efficiency, accuracy, and team member productivity.  

It’s also best to check your cloud options. This will reduce your reliance on hardware that will turn rusty, occupy substantial space, and be prone to glitches and breakdowns. 

Hire The Right People

People are the backbone of any organization. When you have efficient, skilled, and knowledgeable personnel on board, your organization produces quality work output, your clients are happier, and your revenues are higher.  

Take the time to hire the right people and fill those vacant spots.

Small Business Hacks: Train Well

Consider training as an investment. It helps ensure that your team members have the right skills, tools, and, more importantly, knowledge of standards within and outside the office. This way, they will refrain from deviating from the best practices of your line of work, preventing higher operating costs and damage to your brand reputation.

Embrace Virtual MeetingsVirtual Meetings

Virtual meetings witnessed a spike in popularity in the last three years. Until now, they’re still being utilized because of the many benefits they offer. With a virtual meeting, your employees don’t need to travel far, so you don’t have to shell out travel and food expenses. Nor do you have to occupy spaces that must be rented or use extensive equipment.

With the latest videoconferencing technology, you can discuss anything with your team anytime, anywhere. And with modern recording capabilities, the meeting can be saved and viewed later by those who might have missed it.

Start Small, Work Smart, and Get Big

Reducing operational costs is a crucial aspect of running a business. By implementing cost-saving measures, you increase your profits and secure the growth of your enterprise. 

Review your expenditures and see how you can position yourself for long-term success and growth. And don’t hesitate to work with experts for help.

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