How AI is Changing the Way We Work, Live and Travel

Written By Alla Levin
April 24, 2023

It’s no question that AI is increasing the rate of technological advancements within our society more rapidly than ever before. Not everything about the rise of AI is good or wrong, so let’s explore more profoundly in this blog to better understand the phenomenon of AI!

Creating Better Healthcare for All

With the increased development of AI within the healthcare industry, the diagnosis will only get better and more accurate as time passes. It will save more lives due to fewer incorrect cases and faster service. They can also help doctors make more informed and fact-based decisions when time is tight during surgery or x-ray.

Making society more efficientBetter Healthcare for All

From what we have seen from AI so far, one thing is clear; it is incredibly efficient, in our opinion! We have already seen apps such as ChatGPT arise and help people across the globe with pretty much any question that can pop into their heads. Look at it as a positive or a negative; it is beneficial nonetheless. Although controversial!

Soon AI will influence our cars, making them more independent and maybe even self-driving, which will be potentially life-changing for taxi and Uber drivers and the passengers who use them. The options seem endless!

Significant businesses will see the most benefits through AI as staff will be able to maximize their efficiency to complete tasks, and AI going as far as making many office roles no longer needed. A lot of admin tasks may soon be able to be completed by artificial intelligence…

Traveling with the help of Artificial Intelligence

So we have seen the many benefits of AI from a day-to-day business perspective, but what about when traveling? Before you have even booked your travels from the comfort of your house, AI can make solid suggestions on travel options based on your spending money, interests, disinterests, and even preferred flight providers…

The clear benefits include saving vast amounts of money while traveling, which is crucial when visiting as many countries as possible. Also, having a much more enjoyable trip than if you didn’t have your consultation for free before booking accommodations and flights…

Another massive factor when it comes to your AI helping you on your travels is language translation. You may be blessed with knowing multiple languages, but what happens if, for example, you end up in Vietnam and cannot understand anyone for your life? Artificial intelligence is here to save you.

We are yet to mention how convenient your AI chatbot can be when stranded in the most isolated places when traveling. As AI develops and grows, who knows, it may not even require wifi. So many lives would be improved if this was the case, as you would have unlimited answers in your back pocket.

We can all agree that one of the most frustrating parts of traveling, especially when you have spent thousands on your trips, is when the weather is dreadful for the entire trip. Well, with AI, it doesn’t have to be that way. It can implement climate as a significant factor when giving you suggestions for activities to do while abroad and recommend certain places with a clear forecast/more enjoyable weather if that’s what you are after.

No, AI’s travel companionship skills don’t stop thereOur concluding thoughts on AI

Ever seen an image on the internet but couldn’t figure out in the world it was, let alone find an exact location to go and visit yourself? Well, now you can! With your newly acquired artificial intelligence, you can insert the image and find the precise location for free. What a world we live in!

If that wasn’t enough, AI could even plan your days! It can create your travel itinerary in seconds with simple commands, including where, when, and what you want to do. Bear in mind you may have to pay for this same service elsewhere…

Security can often be a big problem when traveling, so why take risks when a simple check using your AI assistant could potentially scout any reported threats nearby that may have happened recently so you can prepare accordingly? 

How AI is Changing Travel: Our concluding thoughts on AI

However helpful AI has been so far, it isn’t all good. As we see it develop further and further each day, we have recently seen AI recreate music artists’ voices and create songs without the artist’s knowledge—the same with art and artists. More and more jobs will become at risk because of AI, but for better or worse, only time will tell!

I believe that AI has far more benefits than drawbacks. We save lives, automate unnecessary office work, and help us thrive when traveling the world. What more could we want? For more blogs on the influence of tech on the travel industry, visit HandL Blogs, the leading travel blog helping to Uncover the World, one step at a time. 

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