What Interview Questions Should You Ask A Potential Employee?

Written By Alla Levin
April 29, 2023

As an employer, hiring your company’s best talent is crucial for your continued success. After all, your team is the driving force behind the business, and without the right people manning the tiller, you could find things going awry pretty quickly.

Nonetheless, it can be a minefield if you aren’t adequately prepared. This post aims to provide you with some ammunition to help you dig into your potential employees and see what they’re about, as well as figure out if they are capable of performing the required tasks.

Importance Of Performing Background Checks

Before getting into detail regarding the questions you might want to ask, it’s worth considering performing a background check on prospective candidates. According to the disclosure and barring service at dbschecks.org.uk, this step can help businesses reveal anything hidden in a candidate’s past that could render them unsuitable for certain positions.

While you can always decide on hiring according to your open regulations, having the requisite information makes the choice considerably simpler. While these background checks aren’t required in all jobs, they’re frequently needed in occupations that handle sensitive data, cash or work with vulnerable people (the elderly, disabled, young, etc.).

Questions To Ask Potential Employees

After you’ve spent time and effort finding, screening, and inviting the best possible candidates for the job, you’ll need to prepare thoughtful, in-depth questions to ask during the interview. While every industry will have its own sector-specific questions, there are some generic inquiries that almost all businesses can use to get a feel of who they are speaking with.

What Skills Do You Have That Are Relevant To This Job?What Interview Questions Should You Ask A Potential Employee

Perhaps the most obvious first question to ask is why they think they are suited to the job they are applying for. By asking this question right off the bat, you will gain an insight into what they consider as “relevant skills” and whether they will be able to handle the tasks put upon them.

What Challenges Have You Faced In Your Previous Jobs (And How Have You Overcome Them)?

This query is excellent for slightly ramping up the pressure and getting an understanding of what kinds of challenges they have faced in previous occupations and what they did to remedy them. You should discover the type of metal they are made of, which can indicate how fit they are for this position. 

What Interests You About This Job?

Everyone hates this question, and most employers only ask because it’s a great way to see what they think of your company and whether their goals align with yours. This question allows you to probe into their knowledge of your company and see if they spent time researching before they came in. If they provide an unsatisfactory answer, you should get a good idea of what they’re about.

Do You Have Experience Working In A Team, And How Do You Handle Disagreements?

Teamwork is usually a vital aspect of facilitating a robust working environment free of toxicity and personal issues. Ask them how they would handle a workplace dispute and what steps they might take to bring harmony back to proceedings.

Hiring new staff is a complex task not for the fainthearted. Noewhtelss, by forming a set of probing questions, you will be able to get a good handle on what someone is all about and if they will be able to perform on the job.

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