3 Ways to Take Your Fitness Career to the Next Level

Written By Alla Levin
May 08, 2023

Health and fitness are one of the biggest industries out there. People are constantly looking to improve their well-being, change their health, and want to transform their fitness (bodies included).

Many people with such a deep love for fitness have even made it a career, such as being an influencer, personal trainer, and even an online fitness coach. With that said, are you wanting to take it to another level? Maybe even go further with your career than these options? If you’re interested, keep reading to learn more about how to take your fitness career to the next level!

Consider Getting Certifications and Degrees

While some health-related careers require a degree or medical license, not everything does. This is especially apparent in fitness-oriented jobs such as a pilates instructor. So, why not take your career to the next level by getting certified? In fact, the more licenses and certifications, the more official you’ll come off as! You’ll be doing yourself a major favor by going this route!

So, what about degrees? After getting your desired degree, you can even put up your own fitness-related business like a gym, yoga studio, or even Pure Barre. You can then prepare for the costings if you want to franchise or build your own business.

Well, it never hurts going back to college to get degrees, as this can show your accreditation, and you will be learning more. For instance, if you’re wanting to become a personal trainer for athletes, then getting a degree in sports medicine could help a lot.

The same goes for those who want to make meal plans; they can instead get a nutritional-based degree or license so they’ll have more accreditation. Plus, this could also help you out in a legal aspect too.

Create a Program

This could be a great option to go above and beyond. Primarily, personal trainers and other fitness-oriented workers tend to follow certain programs and instructors. However, why not create something yourself? Some of the biggest influencers and trainers are known solely because they have created programs. 

Think about  Chloe Ting and Blogoliates; they’re huge thanks to the programs that they make. You can even make a paid program and free programs for people too. If they’re free and the results turn out great, then you’re going to push people to want to buy a program or even coaching services from you. So think outside the box and create a program to advance your career.

Create Helpful Free Content

This is piggybacking on the one above, but if you create accessible content that works, you’re providing value, and value creates a lot of trust. This is something that more people within the industry are doing, and while it can be time-consuming, this is going to be the best way to get a following that helps get your name out there so you can take your career to the next level.

This can be done in numerous ways, such as making a free workout program or diet plan. But you can still go further, such as creating an ebook, an e-course, tutorials (videos), or even setting up a podcast. Ultimately, you want to provide something for free that offers quality so people can trust you.

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