5 Ways Home Can Be Harmful To Your Health

Written By Alla Levin
May 24, 2023

Our homes should be safe havens away from the hazards and health risks outside. But unfortunately, our homes can also be responsible for harming our health, and in this article, we will explain some of the reasons why. 

Your home could be full of dust mites

We all have dust mites in our homes, but we don’t all have allergic reactions. But if you or somebody in your home is regularly suffering from a runny nose, itchy skin, or asthma symptoms, it might be that dust mites are responsible. 

Dust mites aren’t visible to the naked eye, so you can’t simply pick them up and throw them outside. However, it is possible to reduce the number of dust mites in your house by deep cleaning your home reasonably regularly. If you or a family member has an allergy to dust mites, your doctor or pharmacist can recommend medication. 

The tap water could be contaminated

When thirsty, you might opt for a glass of tap water or juice diluted by the water from your kitchen taps. But as reported by Fluoride Action Network, your tap water could be making you sick if it is heavily fluoridated. At the very least, it could cause you to feel nauseous. But in worst-case scenarios, you could also be at risk of certain diseases and joint disorders because of the fluoridated water.

It’s not only fluoride that can cause you to feel unwell. Tap water can also contain lead, limescale, chlorine, and pesticides that can cause ingested sickness. 

Signs of water contamination can include:

  • An unusual taste;
  • A cloudy, foamy look;
  • The smell of chlorine or sulfur;
  • Yellow, orange, or brown water.

If you suspect tap water is contaminated, contact your local health department for advice on making it safe to drink. You can also take precautions by checking your water pipes for harmful substances and using a filtration system to reduce contaminants. 

Your cleaning products could be hazardous

It’s ironic that the cleaning products that are supposed to make your home cleaner and safer could also cause you to feel unwell! Your vacuum cleaner, for example, could be releasing household allergens back into the air if it hasn’t been fitted with a HEPA filter. And the chemical cleaners that you use to clean your floors and other surfaces might also cause you to feel unwell if you don’t ventilate the rooms you are cleaning. 

To protect yourself from harm, replace your vacuum cleaner if needed, and choose household cleaning products marked “green,” as these should be free of toxic chemicals. You could also make your own household cleaners using natural ingredients, as these will be safer than chemical alternatives. 

There may be hidden sources of moldWays home can be harmful to health

You know you have mold in your home when you spot black, green, grey, or bluish specs along your walls or other surfaces. However, mold isn’t always immediately visible. It can crop up in places we can’t see, such as under our kitchen and bathroom sinks and inside walls in rooms that have experienced water leaks or high humidity. 

If mold isn’t removed, it can cause an allergic reaction, such as coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, and other mold health risks. If you have a large-scale mold problem (and if you think it might be hidden), you will need to call a professional to remove it. But if there are only small patches, you may be able to get rid of them yourself using these mold removal tips

There may be high levels of radon in your home

Radon is a tasteless, odorless, colorless gas that can enter the home through gaps and cracks in the walls, flooring, and outside vents. This gas comes from the decay of uranium in soil and rocks, which can cause lung cancer at high levels. 

You can test the radon levels in your home by hiring a professional or buying a radon testing kit. If you have high levels of radon in your home, you will need to hire a professional radon abatement service to make your home safer. 

Ways home can be harmful to health: finally

Could your home be making you sick? If you can relate to any of the points mentioned here, take the appropriate next steps to safeguard your home and the people living within it. 

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