5 All New Chevy Models for 2023

Written By Alla Levin
May 31, 2023

The announcement of a new model from such an iconic brand as Chevrolet will always be greeted with a high level of excitement. Chevy has actually unveiled several new models in 2023, so there are plenty of reasons to get excited if you are one of the many motorists who love owning a Chevy. If you search Chevy dealership Utah, you will find a full range of vehicles. To help you decide, here is a look at the new Chevy models for 2023.

New Chevy models for 2023: the blazer has had an upgrade

The Chevy Blazer is not an entirely new model, but the changes made for its 2023 version are noticeable. New features and trim options make it feel like a brand-new model.

The 2023 Blazer sports a new look front fascia and grill. The LED headlights, as is the brand-new 10-inch center screen, are also an upgrade. Wireless charging is now standard on all the latest Blazer models. Some exciting new exterior colors, such as Radiant Red Tintcoat and Sterling Gray Metallic, have also been added.

Introducing a new Bolt EUVNew Chevy Models for 2023

The Chevy Bolt Redline Edition EUV unveiled in 2023 is a new addition to the range. It offers distinctive 17-inch gloss black-painted aluminum wheels with stunning red accents. You also get red accent decals on mirror caps. This model’s dark black leather interior has attractive red stitching to complete a very upscale look.

A new Chevy Corvette to get excited about

The Corvette is enduringly popular with motorists everywhere. The Z06, introduced in 2023, features a brand-new 5.5L DOHC V-8 engine. The adrenaline-red interior is very distinctive, as are the carbon-fiber wheels and wing. The Corvette Z06 will win many hearts and minds with its look and performance.

Chevy’s first electric truck

2023 is a landmark year for Chevy regarding its range of trucks. Its iconic Silverado is now available as an electric vehicle. The Silverado boasts an impressive range of nearly 400 miles. It is also capable of towing weights up to 10,000 pounds. With standard DC fast charging on the Silverado EV, you can get 100 miles of range from just ten minutes of charging. You get everything you love about the Silverado with the best EV technology. The world of trucks has a new star in its stable.

This new Trax will blow you away

The latest version of the Trax was released in 2023, and you can instantly see that it is bigger and boiler than its predecessors. You get the advanced safety features of Chevy Safety Assist as standard on this latest Trax model. The cargo space is huge, offering 54 cubic feet to fill. Plus, its price range means you get a lot of cars for your money. Chevy has put a marker down in 2023 with some stunning new versions and new models that are sure to be popular. Which Chevy would you like to own?

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