AI vs Bloggers: How to Benefit From This New Competitor

Written By Alla Levin
June 09, 2023

As neural networks continue to gain popularity, concerns have arisen that AI will become a competitor to humans in every aspect, taking jobs away from various professionals, controlling all processes, and leaving people in secondary roles. However, we are here to reassure you that such opinions are based more on artistic works than factual evidence.

AI vs Bloggers: How to Benefit From This New Competitor

Undoubtedly, changes are happening, but only due to general technology development. Nonetheless, those in creative professions, such as designers and bloggers, have felt the impact of AI particularly keenly.

AI has become adept at creating content, meaning that it is no longer necessary to hire copywriters or designers who aren’t particularly busy throughout the day to write an article, post on social media, and create illustrations. Such tasks are well within the capabilities of neural networks, for example, the popular ChatGPT.

For business owners, this can be a way of truly saving money. However, this is more about overall optimization. Neural networks cannot entirely replace humans. Indeed, there are already blogs and channels run by bots. While it is still clear that humans do not run them, it is not immediately noticeable sometimes.

Influence of AI on the Quality of Bloggers’ Content

Vage Zakaryan, the Head of Development at Gem4me, states that the influence of AI on the quality of bloggers’ content is evident: the widespread use of neural networks in daily life by regular users means that there will be an increase in competition, resulting in better content.

Barbara Stoneman, Vice President of Firstcrealab Agency, believes that there will be an increasing number of channels for neural network bloggers. “They can have a useful educational and informational function. Such channels will, of course, look like bot publications, but if the information is useful, then such channels will become popular. But human bloggers will manage such channels using neural network content.”

Competition with neural networks will motivate bloggers to create more meaningful and creative content, demonstrating more individuality and thus improving its quality. AI can solve many tasks, but there will always be a fundamental difference between human bloggers and AI. This is primarily due to creativity and uniqueness. And until neural networks master this skill, bloggers will be safe.

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