How To Seek Justice After a Bicycle Accident

Written By Alla Levin
June 19, 2023

Riding a bike is one of the most accessible and enjoyable activities you can partake in. However, it comes with certain risks if the rider isn’t careful. While seemingly less dangerous than car accidents, accidents involving cyclists can still be devastating and lead to severe injuries, financial loss, and emotional trauma. Seeking justice is essential to ensure the responsible party is accountable for their actions. Here’s a guide on how to seek justice after a bicycle accident. Read more to know how to seek justice correctly for a bicycle accident!

Immediate Steps to Take After the Accident 

First things first – if involved in a bicycle accident, your priority should always be your health and safety. Seek immediate medical attention if required, even if you feel fine initially, as some injuries are internal and may not manifest immediately. Call 911 for emergency assistance in severe accidents so that medical personnel and law enforcement officials arrive at the scene quickly.

Collecting evidence at the scene is vital to establishing liability later during legal proceedings. Detailed pictures of damaged bicycles or vehicles are proof that helps determine who’s at fault. Exchange contact information with witnesses present on-site, as they could provide critical information about what happened during the accident. This can then be used as supporting evidence in case of legal action against the guilty parties.

Gathering information about the driver(s), such as their license plate number(s), insurance policy(ies), name(s), and address(es), is another crucial piece of evidence during formal investigations when claiming damages like lost wages or damages to property/bicycles.

Communication with Involved Parties & Authoritiesif involved in a bicycle accident

After receiving initial healthcare treatment from authorized centers/hospitals, you should immediately communicate with your insurance company, providing them with all necessary information concerning the incident details, especially regarding the severity of your injury. This will ensure that documentation from various insurance-related inquiries is recorded while clarifying the required procedural steps within time limits.

At times, contacting an attorney may aid communication between relevant parties. Your attorney would liaise directly with interested stakeholders, including insurance adjusters, investigators, or parties at fault, to reach an agreement or out-of-court settlement.

Determining Fault & Liability

Review of On-Scene Evidence: A thorough analysis of the facts and evidence collected from the accident scene is necessary to establish who was liable for the damages and injuries. Eyewitness accounts, photos, and videos could be vital in identifying contributory factors leading to the crash. This could help build evidential grounds and support the legal team’s counsel and determination while making claims through court processes.

Police Reports: In almost all cases involving accidents on roads within civilized society, an investigating officer visits upon the arrival of law enforcement officials. Their report is crucial evidence when establishing liability. These reports contain firsthand accounts of what happened during the incident, which can further clarify what caused it and who might be responsible for the damages/injuries incurred.

Applying Traffic Regulations: Local traffic regulations that govern cyclists’ safety on roads usually vary between regions. Still, one must review local cycling laws relevant when determining fault and liability percentages depending on the circumstances surrounding accident details (e.g., speed limit).

Compensation & Legal Recourse 

Medical Expenses: Medical costs incurred as a direct consequence of bicycle accidents are significant financial burdens, including ambulance/medical transportation charges, hospital stays, etc. Having adequate health insurance coverage can cater to these costs, but more may be needed, especially if severe injuries require long-term healthcare attention. Additional recovery expenses like physiotherapy/rehabilitation bills and finder’s fees can also generate added financial strains.

Lost Wages: Bicycle riders often suffer losses concerning wages due to significant periods lost due to absences from work and attending medical appointments for treatments related to their recovery process. Compensation sought for this loss should be part of any legal filings made.

Legal action regarding property damage when seeking compensation after bicycle accidents also fall under the jurisdiction. Replacement parts, bicycle repairs, and restorations could incur significant expenses that could affect recovery if not properly catered to.

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents do happen and are a part of life. In such cases, it’s essential to protect your rights and seek justice according to established legal provisions. The process may be arduous, but with the right documentation, evidence gathering, and appropriate representation, successful legal outcomes can be ensured in the long run, along with inner peace concerning the resolution of incidents. This ultimately culminates in positive results for the parties involved.

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