Which Touches Make a Wedding Traditional?

Written By Alla Levin
June 23, 2023

Which Touches Make a Wedding Traditional?

Are you getting married shortly? What an exciting time! This article explores the small touches which make the difference between a traditional wedding and a contemporary one.

A traditional wedding isn’t just about a sit-down dinner and a church with an organ player. Everything that happens on your big day can have a conventional touch if you want it to.

From how you choose your floral arrangements down to the dress you wear, these wholesome and traditional touches will steer you toward the dreamlike, old-world wedding you have been dreaming of.

The Small Touches for a Traditional Wedding

If you are struggling to maintain the traditional nature of your big day, changing small things can really help. These small touches will change those aspects of your big day from contemporary and modern to traditional and religious.

The Chapel VeilTraditional Wedding

Regarding traditional weddings, nothing beats the full-length obfuscation of a chapel veil. These are floor length, sweeping and give that almost ghost-like quality to any bride.

A long chapel veil allows your groom to enjoy the reveal of your face. It creates its own moment, and all clothing should.

White, White, and White

Whichever colors you choose for your wedding day, keep most of your accouterments white. The tablecloths and decorations, the dress you wear, the flowers you choose – all white. Why?

Traditional marriages passed a virgin bride into the hands of a new family. White is the color of purity in Christianity. It represents the pure love between the couple and the virtue of the commitment to one another over all else.

Engagement and Wedding RingsEngagement and Wedding Rings

Opt for a specific set of rings to stay traditional on your wedding day. The engagement ring, worn only by the woman, should be a single solitaire diamond. The wedding bands should be of the same carat of gold and match almost identically.

It would help if you had the ring bearer present these on a white cushion for you to place on one another’s fingers.

Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

This wedding tradition is as ingrained into wedding lore as the white dress is. This rhyme comes from a short poem from 19th century Lancashire, in which the writer lists all the things a bride should carry on her wedding day. The items have become metaphorical over the years.

Something old carries on family traditions.

Something new celebrates this new love and adds it to the family.

Something borrowed represents the acceptance of outside help within your marriage when you need it and the importance of friends.

Something blue reminds the couple that times will not always be pleasant. There may be hindrances to true wedded bliss, but you have agreed within your vows to work through these things together.

Have a First DanceEngagement and Wedding Rings

Nothing says traditional wedding like dancing to a song you love together as husband and wife. The first dance marks the first dance of the rest of your lives together. Whether that means dancing out stress in the kitchen or living it up in the clubs – your first dance is symbolic of Christ’s first dance. “He danced in the morning when the world was begun.”


Not only should you carry a bouquet down the aisle, but so should the other bridal party members. Men should wear a flower in their buttonholes, which matches the woman’s bouquets. As mentioned, choose a white flower as your base, then add your themed color.

One thing a traditional wedding could borrow from a contemporary one includes using dried flowers instead of fresh ones. If you use a dried white bouquet, you can keep it forever.

Depending on your budget, lining the aisle with flowers can create an uplifting effect and add fresh scents to your church wedding. Traditional white flowers include roses, lilies of the valley, real lilies, and large daisies.

Don’t forget the favorsWhich Touches Make a Wedding Traditional

Lastly, make sure you give each of your guests a gift. Those inside the bridal party or the groom’s party should receive a gift to thank them for joining in the wedding. Those who came to the wedding but did not help with the planning or arrangement should receive favors instead.

People give favors as good luck charms for attending the wedding. Each favor should include a sugar cube if you want to be formally traditional. These were given as traditional favors to show the wealth of the family.

It’s Time for Traditional Weddings

Traditional weddings are in revival right now, and it is easy to see why. Do you have any traditional wedding touches to share?

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