Prioritizing Video Marketing
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Nowadays, when you think of marketing, what immediately comes to mind? For nearly everyone, it’s content, just the word content itself, because that’s really what marketing is. Sure, there are brands, logos, designs, flyers, you got all of that, but in the end, marketing has always been about content and vice versa.

It’s not even a new concept, either. Think back to the 1950s; the marketing content then was radio shows, from Betty Crocker, Lassie, War of the Worlds, and even in the 1990s. 

Not just with infomercials, but even soap operas were nothing more than a giant ad. In general, entertaining content has always been around, but it’s mostly moved toward video marketing. So, why is video marketing so prevalent now?

Well, it’s always been around since TV was a thing, but now there’s the internet where everyone is getting everything they need. TikTok has especially kicked video marketing into high gear, even up to the point where YouTube and Meta have created their own video section for bite-sized content. 

Video marketing is way more work than graphic design or general photography, but it’s proven that it can get the job done. So, here is exactly why businesses need to start prioritizing video marketing much more!

It’s All About Visual Engagement

So, can video marketing actually help your business? Can it actually make a difference? Honestly, yes, a thousand times, yes, it truly can! In a world saturated with information, capturing the attention of your target audience is a challenge. Videos have the unique ability to engage viewers with dynamic visuals, movement, and sound. 

A well-crafted video can convey complex messages concisely and engagingly, making it more likely for your audience to retain and recall your content. Sure, pictures are still sought after, people still enjoy flat lays and cutesy lifestyle photos, and even those editorial model glam shots are still swoon-worthy, but there is so much visual engagement to be offered in just video is going to be way more. 

It Helps Enhance Brand AwarenessPrioritizing Video Marketing

Sure, logos do the same, but having a face and even a vibe attached, thanks to video, is going to work way more. It helps because people will immediately recognize you, which means they will understand and recognize your brand even more. Think of it this way: When you think of the local or national news, is there an anchor immediately coming to mind? Because that’s essentially the equivalent of it. 

Good for SEO

One argument that a lot of missing keep making would be the fact that videos don’t help with SEO or even rankings and that, instead, only blogs or written content do the trick.

It’s far away from the truth, and this is a misconception that really needs to go away. Videos can rank, and videos can help with SEO. If you post on YouTube, you always need to take SEO into account, technically with TikTok, too. 

When it comes to SEO for videos, so much comes into play, like the transcript in the video itself, subtitles, titles, tags, description, file name, and even video compression, something that vp9 codec from Google even takes importance. The video quality and footage also play a role (especially with AI). In general, SEO for video is huge, it’s powerful, and there are way more requirements that go into it than people seem to want to realize. 

Perfect for Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms are hungry for video content; seriously, all of them are essentially demanding it and only boosting those in the algorithm.

Since they’re so boosted and sought after now, you can hands-down expect that videos(including yours) will receive higher engagement rates, more shares, and comments compared to text or image-based posts. It shows your followers and others way more than just a photo could. Photo marketing isn’t dying, but it’s not nearly as prevalent as it was. 

It’s What Mobile Users Want

Not nearly many folks go on their computer as a source of entertainment. Sure, people do, but not nearly as much. Younger generations like Gen Z, Gen Alpha, and even younger millennials want to use their mobile devices more, specifically their phones.

Video content is easily digestible on mobile devices, making it the preferred choice for on-the-go audiences. Businesses that prioritize mobile-friendly video content can tap into this growing market segment. 

In general, it’s easier to create bite-size content; it’s less to do, easier to capture, less work, and it’s what mobile users want. They want something short and sweet, nothing short enough to get to the point, and it must all be from their phone.

Higher Chance of Social Sharing

Sure, pictures get shared, but images aren’t always as insightful. You can craft a beautiful blog post or a beautiful social media caption, but most people don’t want to bother even reading it. Whether it’s for their own social media, their content creation (like stitching on TikTok), or sharing something funny in a chat, videos are always better. 

They know the others will click on it and engage with it, and it’s easier for sharing overall. As mentioned earlier, people want content that gets to the point, and bite-sized content gets right to the point. You are increasing your chances of getting more brand awareness because videos are generally more welcoming for social sharing. 

Number One Way to Build Trust

Video content allows you to showcase your expertise, answer frequently asked questions, and provide insights into your industry. Sharing valuable information establishes your business as a credible source of knowledge and positions you as a thought leader in your field. But you need to also keep in mind it’s not always this straightforward; you have to show you’re a real person, so obviously, show your face. 

You’re also going to have to keep in mind that a parasocial relationship is honestly one of the best ways that you can build up trust. It allows others to connect with you, get emotions from you, etc. As a business owner, you know that trust is everything, and this can honestly be one of the best ways to get that trust, and it’s easier than you probably thing. 

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Alla Levin

Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures.

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!

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