Upgrade Your Dive Kit with These Must-Have Accessories

Written By Alla Levin
September 08, 2023

Upgrade Your Dive Kit with These Must-Have Accessories

If you are an avid diver, you surely understand the importance of having reliable and well-maintained diving gear. But, even if you already have all the essentials in your dive kit, a few items may help enhance your overall diving experience. Here are some must-have accessories to consider adding to your reliable dive kit.

Dive Computer

A dive computer is a device that measures depth, time, and decompression information for scuba divers. This accessory provides safety and convenience during dives, allowing divers to track their nitrogen levels without relying solely on tables or timers. Keeping a dive computer in your professional dive kit will serve various purposes. 

Moreover, depending on the model purchased, a dive computer offers several modes, including air consumption tracking and nitrox compatibility. Some models offer advanced features such as GPS navigation, which enables surface location tracking. Many affordable options function efficiently, making this accessory ideal for beginner and advanced divers alike.

Dry Bag

Protecting your things from water damage while underwater should be a top priority for any beginner or experienced diver. Dry bags are made from waterproof materials, which serve two purposes – keeping your necessities dry and containing them securely so they don’t float out into the abyss.

These bags come in different sizes to hold personal items such as keys, cell phones, and wallets or larger versions specifically designed to house laptops or cameras should you need such items for post-diving edits, sharing or streaming live videos with friends who couldn’t make it on the trip with You! An extra plus is buying vibrant dry bags; these stand out clearly among other duller designs, making easy identification undersea bubbles.

Wetsuit Hangers dive kit must-have accessories

Whether you own one wetsuit or more than three- preserving its condition is critical for its prolonged usage. Wetsuits tend to get quite heavy after immersion, thus preventing taking up too much storage space by compressing when stored in closets. Expert opinions recommend hanging out whenever possible. A wetsuit hanger ensures the suit begins to dry immediately after a dive. It’s covered with a non-slip material that holds wetsuits in place – no more slushy, moldy neoprene or easily portable mildew!

Underwater Torch

A flashlight is always necessary for exploring dark areas underwater. Preferably, you want your torch to be robust, lightweight, and emit strong light that can cut through the density of debris and fogged water.

Underwater torches make night dives and early morning sunrises crystal clear, providing bright LED illumination. These strong, small devices can also take up the role of lanterns on boat rides back from sites or late-day prepping, making them multi-useful in expeditions.

Dive Compass

With so much fascination, undersea divers often find themselves naïve about where they should go next. The visibility can get too disorientating. Furthermore, if planned dives include off-trail exotic locations, staying oriented within the set coordinates becomes significantly difficult. Establishing checks by use of a compass assists in applying navigational tricks like recording bearing when activating each signal, providing an assurance that each member will be on track during ascent.

Dive Slate 

Lastly, this may seem optional, but take it from us! A dive slate is a simple but useful accessory worth adding to your dive kit. Setting important notes before starting enables easy record keeping where visuals might have been lost alongside tight schedules post-dive. The slate acts as scratch paper for reminders ranging from diving depths requested special communication gestures required while mixing between cultures, and obstructions found along a path among others, enabling prompt additions or subtractions, ensuring little time is wasted. So, ensure keeping a dive slate for those diving sessions. 

Dive Kit Must-Have Accessories: Conclusion

Expanding your diving gear bag involves increasing convenience, safety, and preserving equipment. If you are passionate about scuba diving, then wisely incorporating additional gadgets listed here will ultimately push you towards a premium diving experience.

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