How to Make Your Driving Habits More Eco-Friendly

Written By Alla Levin
September 11, 2023

Currently, now more than ever, people are aware of the changes within the environment. Temperatures are rising every year; nature is rapidly changing- for the worse, and there is finally a growing concern for the environment. This isn’t just about what to do with trash, such as plastic, but it also involves lifestyles, how much water is being consumed, emissions, and so on. Fortunately, a lot of governments around the world are taking focus, such as banning single-use plastic, fossil-fueled cars and machinery, and so on. It’s clear that some changes are being implemented, but sometimes, it’s hard to even say if it’s enough. 

So, more people are looking into making changes in their lifestyle, like cutting out fast fashion brands, buying secondhand, buying sustainable fabrics, being more mindful of their diets, purchasing habits, and this even goes for driving. Now, it’s clear that EV cars are more sustainable than petrol cars. But even if you own a petrol car, you can still be sustainable about your driving habits. Sure, EV cars are great, but not everyone can afford them, and it’s essential to use what you have until it’s time for a new car. So, here’s how you can do it.

Start By Maintaining Your Vehicle Regularly

The whole point is to expand longevity, which is far more sustainable than buying a car every time yours breaks. Plus, it saves a lot of money, too (usually). Regularly servicing your car ensures it runs efficiently and emits fewer harmful pollutants. This goes for fossil-fueled cars as well. So doing the standard like checking tires, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and any other oil change will be crucial. The same goes for the exhaust system. Sure, getting a VinFast vehicle would be amazing since EV cars require less maintenance, but until then, try to expand the longevity of your car.

Focus On Your Speeddriving habits

Did you know your speed can impact how much fuel you use for your car? While there are plenty of areas that have speed bumps and speed signs, too. So, taking those out of the equation, if you go a steady speed limit, you are being more fuel-conscious in the end. The same goes for rapid acceleration and braking, too, as these also affect the fuel in your car. 

Reduce Idle Time

That means running your car when you’re parked or stuck in traffic. Try to use a GPS because this could help with idling, and carpooling might help, too, since that means reducing idle time even more thanks to carpool lanes. If you can, turn off your engine when parked or waiting an extended period. Restarting your car uses less fuel than idling for more than 10 seconds.

Lighten Up

If you have unnecessary stuff in your car, you might be using more fuel than you realize. The more weight in your car means the more fuel it needs to use. So, the less you have in it usually means the less fuel will be needed.

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