buying commercial restaurant furniture
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Buying Commercial Restaurant Furniture

One of the biggest thrills for new restaurant owners is the ability to choose the furniture that goes into the dining room. They want their customers to be comfortable while they dine. They also want things to fit their décor.

You can buy most furniture at a retail furniture store. If you want to buy commercial restaurant furniture there are stores for that, too. You want furniture that will withstand the abuse given to it by customers. This article will help you to learn how to choose commercial restaurant furniture. It will help you to see what to look for. You can also research to find more information about the subject.

Choosing Restaurant Furniture: Style and Functionality

As a restaurant owner, you want to choose tables and chairs that are both stylish and functional. You want it to fit your décor but also be durable. It needs to be easy to clean and comfortable for your clients.

Mood and Design Style

There are different designs that can fit the mood that you are trying to create for your restaurant. These designs include traditional, mid-century modern, industrial, and farmhouse: They are listed below:

Traditional Buying Commercial Restaurant Furniture

This type of design has clean lines and natural colors. It can bring a classic look to your restaurant. They use lots of wood and have a sturdy, old-world appeal.


Despite what you think, modern doesn’t refer to the current trend in furniture. Instead, it refers to items that would look at home in the 1950’s. This style has lots of flair and eye-catching patterns.

Mid-Century Modern

This style comes from the 1950s through the 1980s. The tables and chairs usually have thin, skewed legs instead of straight angles and lines. They usually look somewhere between old school and contemporary.


Common elements of this style include metal, wire, rivets, and raw wood. Inspiration for this style comes from industry and machinery. This look can use exposed pipes and open ceilings.


If you are looking for a more rustic style, the farmhouse style might be for you. The tables and chairs will have more wood products with an antique design. More breakfast restaurants have this design to make it look as if you are back on the farm.


You want to ensure at least 24 inches between the tables in the restaurant. Closer than that, and you won’t be able to walk between them. Too far away, and you are wasting space.


You need to remember that it is easier to rearrange many two-top tables than it is to separate a ten-top table. You have more flexibility with the two tops and can create ten tops with them. You can also create sizes to satisfy your customer seating needs.

Bar Height Tables and Stools Bar Height Tables and Stools 

You can put bar-height tables and stools next to windows to allow for single diners and groups that don’t want tables or booths. This allows for guests who also wish to seat themselves. This is a type of seating that will fit any décor.

Easy to Clean

All restaurant décor should be easy to wipe down and clean, no matter the style. You don’t want to have many cracks and crevices to clean because it will take you longer to do so. Choose vinyl products over cloth products for ease of cleaning.

Commercial Grade Furniture

You want to buy commercial grade that is rated to hold at least 300 pounds because you don’t want to put your customers at risk. Read more about commercial grade here. You should use thicker grades of metal, as well. You want your tables and chairs to withstand the wear and tear of restaurant use.

Noise Control

Choose furniture that will take into consideration the noise levels of the space. If you have hardwood floors, high ceilings, and a large dining space, you might want to use fabric-covered furniture to dampen the sound. You can also add carpets or rugs to help with the sound.

Small Dining Areas

Consider using custom-built booths in small areas. This gives a cozy feeling to a space that might otherwise feel too small. If you create booths that fit your room, you can make any space look good.

Privacy and Intimacy

You can create feelings of privacy and intimacy by arranging it. You can place booths in between dining parties that can act as dividers. You could also use booths to create more secluded areas around the dining room floor.

Buying Commercial Restaurant Furniture: Final Words

You need to keep your restaurant style in mind when you are choosing your furniture. You want it to match the feelings that you are trying to convey. If you spend the extra money for quality furniture upfront, you will not have to replace it for many years.

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