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Games To Explore For History Buffs

Countless video games appeal to the history buff in gamers, for diving into bygone eras on-screen is many times more captivating than learning the dates and names of long-forgotten wars and treaties. Incidentally, the gaming medium takes advantage of its very interactive nature to embark players on a journey through time while adding an unsettling element of unfamiliarity to hook them into the story that unfolds before their eyes. So, let’s look at some titles worth checking out for history enthusiasts with a knack for gaming.

Kingdom Come: DeliveranceKingdom Come Deliverance

In the early 15th century, the Kingdom of Bohemia was the crown jewel of the Holy Roman Empire. But the fall of Emperor Charles IV thrust this once-thriving beacon of wealth and refinement into chaos, subjecting the land to widespread warfare and deep-seated corruption.

Caught in this upheaval, the son of an ordinary blacksmith witnesses the tragic murder of his parents. Fueled by a burning desire for revenge and the urgency to repel the invaders, Henry rises to seek justice for his family and reinstate the rightful monarch.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance immerses players into the heart of Europe. With its unparalleled commitment to historical accuracy, this impressively detailed open-world title, as The Guardian put it, is a standout in medieval role-playing games. From a gameplay perspective, the game’s genuine combat techniques and weaponry are also a marvel for those who appreciate stealth and melee combat.

Sid Meyer’s Civilization VISid Meyer’s Civilization VI

In Sid Meyer’s Civilization VI, players assume the role of the leader of a real-life nation or tribe. Acting as legendary figures of old like Cleopatra, Gandhi, or Theodore Roosevelt, they must guide their people through the annals of history. Several paths can lead them to glory through cultural domination, technological progress, military superiority, religious expansion, or diplomatic skill. Each civilization boasts unique abilities, units, and buildings, making some leaders more suited to a certain type of victory.

For instance, illustrious conquerors like Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar can more easily subjugate rivaling nations. The game’s musical score pushes the historical immersion further. As players progress, ambient themes transition from basic melodies to intricate modern tunes. Traditional folk melodies and age-old musical compositions, such as the Greek theme borrowing from the Seikilos epitaph, also influence some specific songs.

Assassin’s Creed MirageAssassin’s Creed Mirage

Ubisoft is known for weaving fictional narratives into the fabric of real-world history. Some teachers even use games like Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey to make history lessons considerably more fun and palatable for their students. Recently released to critical acclaim, the latest installment in the iconic series does not bend that rule.

The plot revolves around Basim Ibn Ishaq, a Master Assassin previously introduced in AC Valhalla. This time around, Basim isn’t traveling around the British Isles but parkouring across Baghdad. Set in the 9th century, this throwback to the series’ early Middle Eastern roots is also an homage to the Golden Age of the Islamic world. The creative team at Ubisoft Bordeaux worked closely with historians and scholars to conjure up the atmosphere of the Round City. A comprehensive History Mode also allows gamers to broaden their knowledge about the Abbasid Caliphate.

Games to Explore for History Buffs: Like a Dragon Ishin!Like a Dragon Ishin!

Like a Dragon Ishin! plays out during the late days of the tumultuous Edo period. Players step into the shoes of Sakamoto Ryōma, an anti-shogunate samurai embroiled in the political scheming of imperialist groups and shogunate loyalists. After being wrongfully framed for the assassination of his adoptive father, he sets out on a perilous mission to clear his name. In pure Like a Dragon fashion, this engaging story quickly takes a backseat to high-octane combat, fun missions, and quirky minigames ranging from chicken racing to poker.

Visiting the gambling dens of the red-light Rakugai district may even get gamers in the mood for some more casino classics. Thus, those with a penchant for tabletop games and pokies might consider online casinos like VegasSlotsOnline. Tens of thousands of slots await, including several samurai-themed games like Playtech’s Pixel Samurai and Pragmatic Play’s Rise of Samurai Megaways. All these options are compatible with mobile devices. Better yet, newcomers can grab lofty welcome deals and bonuses to get extra chances to win.

Do you have a thing for larger-than-life characters and unpredictable twists of fate? Then, the above games do an exceptional job of transporting players back in time without compromising historical authenticity or unbridled entertainment.

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