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9 Kids Games That Provide Endless Fun for Children

As parents, we frequently emphasize the risks more than the advantages of video games. But since playing these games is a common aspect of modern childhood, it’s important to recognize that they can be an effective tool for teaching kids certain life skills. Knowing the advantages can help educators look for ways to augment classroom instruction, parents select acceptable leisure time games, and game developers design educational games.

With that said, GameTop provides hundreds of games for kids that are both enjoyable and helpful for them so that they can achieve both educational growth and entertainment time successfully! Take a look at the list of 10 kids games we have below!

List of games: Push Puzzle: Rescue Adventure

Sara, a young veterinarian, inherits a Rescue center from her uncle but soon finds out it is in no condition for animals to stay in. She decides to renovate it and help rescue all the animals, but more than anything, she needs your help. Push, move and destroy objects, collect keys, open doors and make your way to the cute animals. Complete the level fast and use the stars you win to renovate and decorate the old Rescue center where animals can be free and safe.

Exploring Dinosaurs

Exploring Dinosaurs is a must-have for any dinosaur enthusiast! Exploring Dinosaurs contains facts on over 20 Dinosaurs, from the fierce, meat-eating Tyrannosaurus rex to the gentle, plant-eating giant Brachiosaurus.

With its fun and informative mini-games, you will learn everything there is to know about these prehistoric creatures. This game has everything from their names and appearances to what they ate and how they behaved! Exploring Dinosaurs is the perfect game for kids and anyone who loves dinosaurs. So put on your explorer hat and dig into the world of dinosaurs today!

Ozzy BubblesExploring Dinosaurs

Ozzy bubbles take you on an adventure under the sea. Get into the extraordinary life of Ozzy, the turtle, as he fights to save his fellow sea creatures from the monstrous creatures that reside within the sea. Along the way, he collects the treasure which comes into his path. The peace of the ocean depends on Ozzy, and Ozzy’s livelihood depends on you! Get ready for a ferocious battle against the sea monsters!

Spring Boy

Spring is here. However, insidious winter forces do not plan to concede. Cold shackled the magic forest. We must do something! You will help a little messenger of spring fight against winter. Make flowers blossom, remove snowdrifts, overcome obstacles, and you will be victorious in this magical quest. Colorful graphics, interesting gameplay, and much more await you!

Dyna Bomb

Dyna Bomb is an arcade smash and is a real feast for the senses, with superb artwork and thunderous explosions – oh so many explosions! Experience the manic arcade action as you dodge enemies, fling bombs, and grab the treasure – before making a mad dash for the exit. Do you have the skills to find the secret levels? Can you master all the different power-ups and dominate the world?

Amanda’s Sticker Book: Amazing Wildlife

Puzzle your way through Amanda’s Sticker Book – Amazing Wildlife. After winning her first sticker book competition, Amanda entered an international championship. The prize is a beautiful trip around the world. Can you help Amanda create five different sticker books with wildlife themes so she can compete internationally?

Ghost Sweeper

Prepare yourself to face the craziest army of darkness you have ever seen! Bloated ghosts, laughing pumpkins, creaking skeletons, and many other weird creatures are waiting for you!

Explore eight different worlds, from the Dark Forest to The Evil Lord’s Lair. Travel through the haunted villages and graveyards to defeat the darkness. Each world has many levels and many secrets to discover! If you find all the secrets, the gates to a hidden land will be opened!

Chicken Attack Deluxe

Defending her chicks in this Magic Ball style game, this mama bird won’t put up with any fowl play when she’s defending her brood. Non-stop action will put your reflexes to the test as you battle to save the little chicks! Prove your skills as you team up with our heroic hen to defeat a world of crazy guys and evil beasts!

Scrap Garden

Scrap Garden is a charming puzzle platformer about the adventures of Canny, a lonely robot, who awakens in a post-apocalyptic world to find all other robots shut down and seized up. What happened to the City? Why did all robots stop moving? Did anyone survive except him? Little rusty Canny has to do all he can to find answers to these questions… and try to fix it all.

Experience true 3D platformer gameplay inspired by genre masterpieces like Donkey Kong, Spyro the Dragon, and Crash Bandicoot. Enjoy beautiful award-winning graphics in an adorable post-apocalyptic world with six unique locations filled with mysteries and adventures. Try out diverse gameplay mechanics, including tricky puzzles and refreshing minigames.

Challenge mighty bosses and find the right strategy to beat all of them! Discover a truly moving story, narrated by Bobby Beato, that will take you deep inside the conflict between nature and technology. Dive into the atmosphere of an abandoned world with fascinating music by three composers. Find all hidden collectibles to learn more about the world and unlock extra content.

The Benefits of Playing Kids Games for Children

Contrary to popular belief, there are many physical, mental, and emotional benefits that kids can gain from playing video games. According to studies, children who play video games may see a slight improvement in their reading abilities. This holds even for children who have difficulty reading and even when they engage in action video games.

This, according to researchers, may occur because children must read text instructions to play. There is also the fun element. For the most recent information on their preferred game, children who are hesitant to open a traditional book may hurry to read a website or internet forum.

In addition, Kids must navigate 3D virtual worlds where many games are set. Additionally, there is no smartphone map software or GPS to guide the journey. Kids that play these games get the chance to use their visual-spatial skills. This may help people comprehend distance and space better.

Finally, a challenge lies at the core of every video game. However, not a  lot of other activities provide kids the chance to take on a challenge and struggle to discover a solution, from solving puzzles and mysteries to running virtual towns or empires. According to some researchers, children who play these computer games get better at three things: planning, organization, and flexibility of thought.

Why wait any longer? Let your children experience both education and enjoyment with GameTop’s kids games for free today!

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