Fighting Depression: 10 Foods to Integrate into Your Diet

Written By Alla Levin
November 06, 2023

Fighting Depression: 10 Foods to Integrate into Your Diet

For millions across the world, mental health is not a top priority. Depression should never be in a position to control your life. Before it becomes unsustainable, fight it off by making a few changes in what you eat.

A Little Help

Before you clean out your entire kitchen, fight depression by being proactive. Eating right is only a small piece of the puzzle, so be prepared to put in the work where it counts. With the right mindset, you can completely change how depression affects daily activities.


A sweet tooth doesn’t always have to lead to cake, ice cream, and candy. Berries are a delicious antioxidant that can be eaten all day long. Depression scores have a history of going down in individuals who eat a lot of berries.

Dark Leafy GreensFighting Depression

The nutrients in dark leafy greens are incredible brain food. Spinach and kale are the highlights of this group. There are a ton of easy recipes available, and when stored properly, raw leafy greens last a long time. If the goal is to keep your body armed to fight off depression, then this would be the all-star of foods.


These layered friendlies are an underappreciated mood food. A healthy digestive tract leads to a longer and healthier life. To make that possible, onions and other allium vegetables should be consumed on a regular basis.


The folic acid and alpha-lipoic acid found in tomatoes are key in fighting depression. Eating a salad a day should be enough to put you on the right path.


Any type of nut has beneficial qualities for your body and mind. It’s a lot of protein and fiber packed into a small package. Walnuts are special due to their high source of omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrient is known for reducing depression symptoms and boosting brain functions.


Beans are a natural mood stabilizer that comes highly recommended in many diets. Starches are usually something to avoid, but a few beans are the exception to that rule.


High blood sugar clouds your mind. As a side effect, this leaves the door wide open for depressive symptoms. Mushrooms counteract this with a natural ability to lower blood sugar levels. Many think of mushrooms as a natural way of balancing the body’s harsh environment.

Seedsfighting depression

Seeds are cheap and can be had raw or in a smoothie. This versatility makes omega-3 fatty acid allocation much easier when fighting off depression.


If you eat a lot of Mexican food, the avocado is a familiar fruit. It is a power food that should be in every household that wants healthy fats. This is the type of fat that the brain relies on for smooth functioning. The avocado is versatile enough to be used with most other items on this list.

Eat The Right Way

Your physical health is tied to your mental health. Treat them both well, and the results will always be positive. Prioritize health as a whole to always be the best version of yourself.

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