Semi Trucks: 7 Secrets for Optimizing Your Fuel Usage

Written By Alla Levin
November 06, 2023

Semi Trucks: 7 Secrets for Optimizing Your Fuel Usage

Fuel efficiency has to be a top priority for any truck owner. When you consider the cost of filling up your vehicle accounts for a large part of your overheads, it makes sense to try and optimize fuel usage. Keeping your vehicle well-maintained is part of the equation. Sourcing the right big truck parts will help keep your vehicle on the road. The next challenge is to spend as little as possible on fuel. Here are some tips to help you achieve that aim.

Always be conscious of avoiding idling where possible

It is always tempting to leave your truck idling when completing tasks with a quick turnaround. It can also feel necessary to keep the engine running in order to maintain a stable temperature in challenging conditions.

Considering that one hour of idling is about equal to one gallon of gas, you can soon see how easy it is to spend too much money idling. Think about turning off your truck whenever possible.

Always take advantage of momentum

Driving a large truck means you will always generate a fair amount of momentum. That is good news for your fuel economy if you can use this accumulated pace. Aim to use your brakes sparingly in order to keep as much momentum as possible. This way of driving will help improve fuel efficiency.

Pick your routes with careoptimizing fuel usage

It is all too easy to accept the default route being offered by your Sat Nav system. However, it could make a big difference to your fuel economy if you select the route that requires the shortest amount of driving.

Speed consistency makes a big difference

A proven tactic for achieving maximum fuel performance is to maintain a consistent speed. This helps you to avoid too many gear changes, which also impact fuel performance. The sweet spot for trucks is usually below 55 MPH. Going above that speed has an immediate detrimental impact on your fuel usage.

Adopt efficient braking methods

It will always take more fuel to restart from a standstill than if you can anticipate when you need to slow down and use your brakes more sparingly. Learning to use braking methods that minimize the number of stops you have will make a positive difference to your fuel economy performance.

Pay attention to your tires

Having good quality tires and keeping them properly inflated will always have a positive impact on fuel usage. You will get more miles to the gallon if you look after your truck’s tires.

Optimizing Fuel Usage: Take advantage of cruise control

Even when you drive as diligently as possible, you might still brake and accelerate more than if you were using cruise control. Cruise control helps you to maintain a consistent speed, and that will always help you to get more miles out of your tank. How far you can travel in your truck on each tank of gas depends on a lot of factors that you can influence. Follow these tips, and you could see some worthwhile fuel savings.

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