How To Save Time As A Business Owner

Written By Alla Levin
March 26, 2024

How To Save Time As A Business Owner

As a business owner, time is precious. It’s a valuable asset that not everyone values enough, and as such, time can pass within the blink of an eye.

For business owners, utilizing their time in the best way possible will help maximize what’s done in the time we all have every day.

As a business, you might only be at the beginning of your journey, so making the most of whatever time you have available, is highly important.

With that being said, if you’re looking to save time as a business owner, then here are some useful tips that will help you save time and deliver more within your company in 2024 and beyond.

Set a schedule and stick to it every day

A schedule is a great way of getting your day in order. There’s nothing better than assigning tasks to your day, whether that’s a generalized list or a series of tasks that takes you hour by hour from the moment you hit your desk to the last hour before switching off for the day.

Setting a schedule will ensure that you stay on top of the work that you’re setting yourself and it will help to motivate you further. You might want to set each day of the week to be focused on a certain area of business.

For example, Wednesdays could be for conducting sales calls and meetings, whereas Mondays and Tuesdays might be the best for getting on with the nitty gritty.

Once you’ve set yourself a schedule, you’ll be much more productive as a result. Holding yourself accountable is key, especially when it comes to business ownership.

Do the hard tasks firsthow to save time as a business owner

When it comes to reaching peak productivity, your best hours are going to be in the morning. Once you reach the afternoon, your energy levels start to dip, and your focus will dwindle. It’s, therefore, a good idea to face the hard tasks first, even if you don’t want to face them.

However, once you’ve done the hard tasks, you’re left with the easy peasy stuff – and that often makes for an enjoyable working day. Not only that but it will serve you well when it comes to making the most out of your time and with each working week that passes.

It might be working on drawing up a to-do list and then color coding what you deem to be a hard task, what’s mid-level and the easiest of all. That way, you can better structure your day and be wiser with the usage of your time, too.

Don’t be afraid to delegate work

Delegating work is an important part of making the most out of your working day as a business owner. It’s useful to delegate work because as an individual, you cannot do everything yourself. There are only so many hours in the day, particularly that of the working day, so divvying it up to others is helpful.

A sign of a good leader is one who is able to delegate the work and, therefore, balances the workload as a whole. It’s hard for one individual in the business to take on more than their fair share, even if they ask for it. Taking on too much can often do more damage than good and lead to a lack of productivity of that precious time you need.

To help save time, make sure that you’ve delegated effectively, and if you struggle to do so, then it’s worth trying to build on this habit as much as possible. The better you’re able to delegate, the more success you’ll have as a business.

Avoid micromanaging your staff

Micromanaging is never any good when you’re trying to save time as a business owner. When it comes to micromanaging, you’re essentially doing the job or task at the same time as someone else you’ve assigned it to is also doing.

Why do that when you could give that task or job to someone else while also doing another task at the same time? Micromanaging is a disadvantage to your business and to your own personal growth. It’s easy enough to release the reigns if you’ll allow yourself to relinquish some of the control.

It’s easier said than done when you’re a business owner. Running a small business or startup might have always relied on you to do everything up until now.

However, in order to expand and grow, being able to do less micromanaging is going to be beneficial for the business moving forward.

Make sure you take time to restMake sure you take time to rest

Even workaholics need rest to avoid burnout. While it might seem counterproductive to take time out, it’s not a waste of time by any means. It’s good to hit the reset button every now and then because it allows you to gain some perspective and perhaps see things from another point of view.

Try to allocate some time in the week to take a little bit of time for yourself. Whether it’s actually taking an hour’s lunch away from your desk like you really should do nowadays or having a spontaneous holiday away somewhere for a few days. 

Those little moments of rest can be a great benefit for the body and for the mind. When you’re running a business, it’s important to take a rest so that you can come back with even more energy than before.

Not only is it good in the long run to help your business thrive, but it also sends the right message to colleagues and all staff members who are part of the company.

Organize your workspace

The workspace is an important place, whether you’re working completely remotely from home or you’re navigating a new space in a co-working office space.

It’s crucial that you’re organizing your space in order to stay productive and to minimize the amount of time you’re having to spend, sorting out your desk or office space in general. Keeping it clean and well organized is the secret to success when you’re looking to save time in general.

Make sure that this workspace attitude is rolled out to all staff members and not just something for you to do. By making sure everyone is doing their bit to organize their workspace, you’ll find you’ve got a much more functional space. 

They say that a messy space equals a messy mind and that couldn’t be more true. In order for your workspace to thrive, you need to ensure it’s as clean as can be.

Keep track of your finances

Keeping track of your finances is an important one, and it’s often one that can sometimes take up the most time, even though any time spent on your finances is worthwhile. However, you don’t want to be chasing invoices and clients who aren’t paying up when they should be.

At the same time, you want to give your finance team the tools they need to do their job effectively.

Something like is an excellent resource and a great tool to use when needing to save time and increase productivity in your financial tasks.

Eliminate distractionsEliminate distractions

Distractions can cause real damage to your timekeeping. If you’re not eliminating these distractions, they’re likely going to take up a lot of your time through procrastination.

We all procrastinate at points in the day, some more than others. Some days are worse than others, depending on how you’re feeling and what’s happened at that point.

Try to find ways in which you can eliminate the distractions, and you’ll see a great improvement in the time you save.

Use apps to help streamline monotonous tasks

Apps are helpful when it comes to streamlining your business operations, especially when it comes to saving time.

If you’re looking to save time, there are plenty of apps out there that are useful in streamlining but also helping to minimize the time consumption of monotonous tasks.

Those monotonous tasks that need doing but seem to be all time-consuming in the grand scheme of everything you do as a business.

There are a lot of resources online to find the best ones out there, so do your research to find which ones work for you and your business.

How to Save Time as a Business Owner: Take advantage of automation

Automation is a great form of technology and something that you shouldn’t dismiss. Automating your business is a useful way to save time in many ways.

A lot of applications and software available nowadays have automation as a core feature, so it’s something you’re unlikely to avoid in the future anyway. 

A lot of companies are using automation nowadays for their business, so it’s worth jumping on the bandwagon. It’s the perfect time to do so!

Saving time as a business owner is definitely something to focus on in 2024, so use these tips to maximize your time efficiency this year and in the future. Who knows what it could do for your business?

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