4 Methods Of Achieving Exposure For Your Creative Project

Written By Alla Levin
May 08, 2024
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Methods Of Achieving Exposure For Your Creative Project


  • Utilize Dedicated Promotional Services: Engage with creative marketing services tailored to your specific product, such as board game trailers or specialized advertisements that target your ideal audience. This focused approach can help differentiate your project and enhance its appeal.
  • Attend Conventions & Events: Participate in industry-related events and conventions to network with peers, learn from successful examples, and directly engage with potential fans. This can provide valuable insights and increase your project’s visibility among interested communities.
  • Leverage YouTube for Tutorials and Updates: Use platforms like YouTube to post tutorials, development updates, or behind-the-scenes content related to your project. This not only builds interest but also maintains engagement with your audience throughout the development process.
  • Target Niche and Underserved Communities: Identify and cater to niche markets or communities that may be underserved by mainstream media. By focusing on specific demographics, you can create more meaningful and impactful content that resonates strongly with your target audience.

If there’s a criticism to be thrown at the wonderful modern marketplace we all contribute to and consume from; it’s that there’s almost too much out there to be discovered and used.

It can feel dizzying to try and bring something new to the table, even if doing so is right and can be a great amount of fun.

For example, if a new author were to try and publish a book, there would be no small amount of competitors vying for a place in the publishing house.

Moreover, Amazon self-publishing on platforms like Kindle, while a good option, is also stuffed with alternatives to yours.

To stand out, then, especially in the creative world, it’s healthy to consider a few methods of achieving exposure and what that could look like in its best practice.

If you spend a little time adding as much creativity to your promotional capacity as you did your project, you will no doubt see some variant of success.

Let’s consider four or so tips that could help you on this journey:

Dedicated Promotional Services

The real secret to good marketing is that it has to impress your customer base, those most likely to enjoy and become enthused by your product.

For example, using a creative service that provides board game trailers for your excellent game system could help you rocket-fuel your crowdfunding approach, securing more money and gaining more traction than you had initially thought possible.

Attending Conventions & Events

You may be surprised just how many events take place celebrating your hobby, however creative and nerdy.

There’s a reason upcoming comic-creators head to venues like comic-con, if not to present something, to at least see how other booths are being run, and networking with other people.

Also, getting an idea for the brands and creations appraised by others can be a lovely idea, and keeps you immersed in the culture.

YouTube Tutorials

YouTube is a great platform for sharing all kinds of content, and you never know, you might gain some traction by using it. Perhaps you’ll share development updates regarding your indie video game, showing how the animation work is coming along. This is a great way to share updates, although, of course, matching this with text updates from your blog can also be a wonderful place to start.

Consider Your Niche, And Served Underserved Communities

Anyone who is even tangentially interested in video games, virtual novels, or even mature animation (as in actual television shows) will know that certain demographics, such as those in the queer community or those from various cultures, are being represented like never before.

From using African heritage as a backdrop to simply making a no-holds-barred LGBTQ dating game, if you target your creation at people you know would like it as opposed to a wider market you’re not sure will, you can make the project feel more authentic, and you fill a target market.

That’s not to say people from these groups are all similar and of the same mind, far from it, but you add your voice to a pile that might not be vast in number. In many cases, that’s the goal of good promotion.

With this advice, we hope you can achieve exposure for your creative project in the best possible way.

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