Different meaning of some countries flags

Different meaning of some countries flags

Different meaning of some countries flags Others are Brazil, Colombia, China? Looks like the truth? Tags: flags, USA, brazil, china, EU, Colombia
Shrek 3 Hi-Res

New Shrek 3 Hi-Res Wallpapers

New Shrek 3 Hi-Res Wallpapers Don't miss this brand new Shrek 3 high-resolution wallpapers ready for your desktop! All resolutions available from 800x600 up to 1600x1200.
Finding Vistas

Finding Vistas

Finding Vistas Desktop wallpapers usually meant one of three things: exotic cars, women in compromising positions, or Bliss. If you were given the job to choose only a handful of images from billions and billions...

Ajax Ringtone Maker

Go to Ajax ringtone maker Upload some audio Make quick edits (Flash/Ajax integration), Create the new ringtone. When you create the new tone, you choose how public you want it to be (social features).

Ajax Cookbook: Helpful JavaScript tips

Bret Taylor (author of the first Google Maps) has recently been on fire with a new blog called the Ajax Cookbook. The blog focuses on small useful JavaScript snippets that do not assume a particular...

WarCraft clone for Pocket PC

Brad Linder (Download Squad) wrote: A Russian developer is working pretty rapidly on Medieval - a WarCraft III clone for Pocket PC devices. Version 0.1 is perfectly playable, but a bit confusing. For example, by...

Online Generators

One can discuss, whether web-generators are useful or not. On the one hand, they don?t challenge our creativity, but on the other hand they make our life easier and save our precious time. However,...

Aging Tabs for Firefox

Windows/Mac/Unix (Firefox): The Aging Tabs Firefox extension keeps an eye on your open Firefox tabs, highlighting your active tab and fading the aging tags that you haven't used in a while. If you're someone who's...

CSS Photo Shuffler

A Javascript + CSS replacement for Flash photo fading slideshow. Inspired by Richard Rutter's image fade demonstration. link

CSS Tab Designer

Create killer menus effortlessly! CSS Tab Designer is a unique and easy to use software to help you design css-based lists and tabs visually and without any programming knowledge required! With the CSS Tab Designer,...

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