Alphabet Book by illustrator Steve Mack

Written By Alla Levin
August 17, 2006

Steve Mack’s ABC: An Illustrated Alphabet!

Speaking of letters, illustrator Steve Mack started up an experiment on his blog, SPOT by creating his own project: an alphabet book. Since he’s never been given the opportunity to illustrate one, he decided to do one on his own. At the end of 26 weeks (he’s the letter “T” currently), he’ll use Lulu to publish it for those who want an actual physical copy for themselves (my kids would dig one). He mentions that it is much like when an indie music band releases a whole album online; I am trying to see if people will buy the real world deal after getting appetites wetted by giving it all away free online. So far it’s brought him considerable attention from publishers hiring him for other projects.

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