Good article at about the topic. how to start your first blog. Personally i recommend to read, even its so obvious 🙂

Youve definitely heard of the term blog before, with the recent surge in popularity in sites such as Myspace. In fact, youre reading one now. Blogs are increasing sharply in number, with thousands (perhaps millions) being added each year.

I, personally, have multiple different blogs, one for each topic Im interested in.

Since youre reading this article, you are probably thinking about starting your own blog too. Perhaps you dont know where to start. This article will (hopefully) help you decide just that.

When starting a blog, there are generally two options to go with: free and paid. I highly recommend going with a paid option, because of several reasons.

For one, there are fewer limits when you have your own paid-for hosting. You basically have complete control of how you post, when you post, the look of your blog, and the software your blog uses. For example, this blog uses WordPress. I highly recommend WordPress for blogs as it is very user friendly, customizable, and new features can be added with plugins.

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