Last week-end, during the Oxyride Speed Challenge, a new world record (Guiness Book) has been attained for the fastest car in the world powered by 192 Panasonic batteries! The mini car reached an impressive 122km/h and had an overal speed of 105.95 km/h!

Size of the vehicle: 330x78x56cm, Weight: 38kg

More at Akihabara news

  • Mark23

    Its a nice car and the speed and the size are also impressive

  • Max

    test car in the world powered by Panasonic batteries | Internet Vibes is a quite interesting post but quite difficult to understand for me –

  • Max

    I don’t mean to be too in your face, but I’m not sure I agree with this. Anyhow, thanks for sharing and I think I’ll come to this blog more often.

  • sohbet


  • hello

    its goodish

  • matt

    Battery power? that will never catch on if you can hardly get past 30mph. global warming is a lie, so what is the point?

  • car donations

    I like the model of the car, it’s like capsule vehicle

  • Phil

    that is the shittest car i ever saw….