7 Vital Questions Smart Used-Car Buyers Always Ask

Written By Alla Levin
June 23, 2021
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7 Vital Questions Smart Used Car Buyers Always Ask

Are you considering buying a used family car at this moment? Perhaps your answer is yes because you are here reading our guide about the best questions to ask before buying a used car for your family. Having a list of the best questions to ask when hunting down a car can help you find the most appropriate vehicle for your budget and needs.

Here’s a list of all the questions you need to prepare during the negotiation process.

Why are they selling the car?

This is the most important question you need to ask. You need to know why the previous owner is selling the car. Let us layout the usual reasons why previous owners are selling it:

  • The family just welcomed their first bundle of joy, and they absolutely need a budget for all the baby stuff and future medical appointments.
  • They have decided to upgrade the family car, and they will use the budget they would get from selling the previous one.
  • Something is wrong with the car, and the car repair fees are expensive; they’d rather buy a new one or commute instead of shelling out money for the repair.

For the last reason of selling mentioned above, this should be a red flag for you. If the seller honestly stated that there are various repairs needed for the car, it would be best to find another car dealer or seller.

What is the current mileage in the Odometer?What is the current mileage in the Odometer

In layman’s terms, the more miles that a car reaches, it simply indicates future problems. Knowing the mileage in the Odometer will give you an overview of the real value and depreciation of the vehicle. In line with this, if you are persistent in buying that used car, you must take advantage of knowing how many miles are left in the Odometer, and you can negotiate the price well enough.

Questions used car buyers ask: are they the first owner?

Whether you are speaking to a car dealer or the car owner himself, asking them if they are the first owner or not will prevent any caution that may occur. You must keep in mind that buying a used family car is fine, but if you are the third owner of the vehicle, you are just giving yourself a headache with the wear and tear scenarios as soon as you buy it.

Do they have a maintenance record?

To support the third question, requesting a maintenance record can be such a relief for you. In such a way, you will have an overview of the previous owner/s had regularly changed oil and tune-ups if there were an accident and record repairs. You must not be deceived by the affordable selling price or the car’s exterior; knowing the ins and outs of the vehicle is a must!

Can I have a test drive?

Test driving will enable you to gauge the car’s performance in certain conditions. If the car seller insists that test driving is forbidden, you must be cautious and think if you really want to buy this used family car. Why does the seller forbid you to do a test drive, are there any reasons he’s not willing to inform you about the performance?

While doing the test drive, make sure to take note of how comfortable the seat is. Is there enough legroom? The little things you think are bearable could be an annoyance.

Is it still covered with a warranty?Can I have a test drive

One of the most important things you should ask when buying a used family car. If the warranty is still valid or not, the moment you purchase that car, everything that needs repairs will be under your pocket.

It would be best if the used family car you are about to purchase is still under warranty. So, if dents, scratches, or other damages may occur, you may take advantage of the car insurance available.

Are there any exterior damages?

We know looks are important to you, but isn’t it better to double-check if there are any damages to its exterior? Especially, you are buying a second car for your family, not just for your personal use.

Here are a few reminders if you’re going to check exterior damages:

  • Check if there are scratches, rust, or even dents in the paint job, car frame, or entire bodywork. If there are minor damages, you can get little loans like short-term loans NZ to get them fixed.
  • Cracks on the windshield, confirm if both the rearview and side-view mirrors are working properly, and most of all, if the headlights become discolored, foggy, or it looks fine?
  • Wheels and tires should be replaced before you buy the car. Otherwise, if you have failed to check if there are dents and bents on the wheels, you need to invest in it.

Questions Used Car Buyers Ask: Final Thoughts

Rather than purchasing a costly brand-new vehicle, buying a used car in this time of pandemic is a smart buying decision. Thus, checking multiple used cars for sale can help you determine which of them would be ideal for your family’s needs and budget, don’t stick with only one car seller. Take the time to shop around.

For better buying decisions, if you have a friend or a trusted professional mechanic, you can ask them to inspect the vehicle to ensure no major repairs are needed. Walking away is never a mistake if you feel like you’re dealing with a toxic car seller. Therefore, to value your needs and hard-earned money, buying a used family car from a car seller who understands your perspective is always best. Don’t let yourself suffer from buyer’s remorse.

Remember, if you have these used car buyers’ questions, you will probably win in the negotiation.

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