Beta Testing phase of NewsAlloy Project has been started

Written By Alla Levin
November 30, 2005
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NewsAlloy Project has been started.

News Alloy is a FREE service for discovering, reading, and sharing Internet news and information. NewsAlloy lets you view information from a wide variety of news sources, special interesting publications and blogs via RSS in an easy to use and manageable way.

What makes News Alloy unique is easy understandable and intuitive interface and unbeatable speed comparable to desktop applications due to javascript based GUI (AJAX). P0werfull help if you are planning to build your niche blog.

Key features of NewsAlloy

  • Fast javascript based intuitive user interface (Inspired by Gmail);
  • UTF-8 support, so you may read Russian, German, French, English, and even Chinese news in one view;
  • Unlimited news archive (all items are stored in database);
  • Quick Search and Search shortcuts;
  • Classical Channels and Folders Model;
  • You always can track all your news and monitor your favorite topics;
  • Pin interested news and find them later in one click;

For example, you may subscribe to our news feed with action.NewsAlloy is running on genuine Newstrack engine that supports unlimited data crawling and management.


Below some screenshots of NewsAlloy in action. But you may skip them since you are in 2 steps far from seeing it live.

Main news paneMain news pane newsAlloy

Volodymyr Danylyuk,
Newstrack Media

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