How to build a niche blog filled in with a hundreds of niche products

Written By Alla Levin
January 05, 2009

Niche Blog Filled in with Hundreds of Niche Products

I’d like to introduce a couple of new websites that are running on our Affiliate Store WordPress Plugin. Gamenator – gaming store and blog. Some others. What I mean, if you want to make some additional revenue stream to your pocket and you have a basic understanding of what is a blog? I will suggest the following:

  1. Buy nice domain;
  2. Get good hosting (have no advice here I rent a server and host hundreds of blogs);
  3. Install WordPress;
  4. Buy and Install Affiliate Store WordPress Plugin;
  5. Fill it in with a niche related products from Amazon, Commission Junction, and others;
  6. Write some unique niche related articles;
  7. Repeat steps above (except that you do not need to buy Affiliate Store WordPress Plugin as its one license covers all your blogs + free support just for $59 ) and make another niche blog and fill it in with another niche products;
  8. Periodically post some more or less useful articles (or rewritten articles);
  9. In a couple of months, you will see how sales are making you some money;
  10. Then use your imagination.

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