Website Promotion- a Starters Guide

Written By Alla Levin
May 19, 2006
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Website Promotion- a Starters Guide

There was an era when people were talking about how to create a website using HTML coding or some easy tools to create an attractive website in seconds. Today we are a level up, and we seek how to promote a website so that the actual purpose of selling products or services could be attained by bringing more target visitors to the website. There are basically two ways of doing web promotion, i.e., paid and unpaid.

Paid marketing brings quick results to the website, whereas unpaid marketing brings a slow response to the website, but it is effective too. Now let`s see how it works. Before going into web promotion, the website should be polished or SEO (Search engine optimization) optimizing a website for search engine robots to crawl or read the website easily) so that the dominant search engine robots can visit the website and update our web content.

Now let us see how this is done.Website Promotion

Step 1: Ensure each of the pages has Title, Keywords, and Description.

Step 2: Once the title, keywords and description are done, the next step is to create a sitemap. A sitemap enables a spider (spider: a robot from google, yahoo, AltaVista, and other search engines that read and store the website’s content in the search engine database) to read every page.

Although there are many other steps like writing quality content, adding information and article to the website, etc., these are some fundamental steps, which would bring good traffic to the website.

Step 3: Now, after going through the above two steps, the website is ready to submit to major search engines. Here are few links to submit the website for free on google, yahoo, Dmoz, and Altavista.

Website Promotion

promoting the website

Once the site completes the above steps now, there is a question that how to bring more traffic to the website. As mentioned earlier, the 2 methods, i.e., fast and paid method, and slow but free method.

In fast promotional / paid method, keywords that people usually searched, for example, to reach people would search for send flowers, send valentine flowers, etc. in the search engine, are listed and best of the listed are added to the yahoo, Google and other search engine accounts, these keywords are then placed on top when anyone searches for it in the search engine.

Each keyword starts at 10 cents per click and goes upwards. There are many other sites besides search engines, which offer paid advertisement solutions, and they are good too for promoting the website. These are called paid advertisements.

Slow or free marketing is where a site can be promoted by maintaining the site as per marketing standards.

For example, a site must have a title, keywords, and description; it must have relevant content initially written and not copied; it must have a sitemap; it should also have an article and news section that should be updated regularly; the site should be submitted to various directories and search engines.

Other relevant activities need to be performed to get listed in a search engine and acquire the top position in search results.

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