14 year old schoolboy could make millions by selling words

Wisdom Obinna Uzor, from London, England, set-up ?Search by Story? after thinking of ways to help him and his family live a better life.
Uzor has already made a small fortune of US$1000 in only 4 days by selling 10 words on Search by Story to some of his associates.
His site enables visitors to search for information on the internet by clicking on words in a story. There are a number of stories on the website that range from music stories, to fashion stories. When you click on a word in a story, you would be taken to a website that is related to the story genre. For instance, if you were reading a story about music, every linked word in that story would take you to a website related to music.
?This is a bizarre and wacky idea?, says Uzor, ?but I hope it will catch people?s imaginations?.
Thanks to the power of blogging and word-of-mouth, Search by Story is currently receiving about 1000+ unique hits a day.
?My site was mentioned in a blog a couple of days ago and I?ve been getting loads of hits since then. I?m amazed at how popular Search by Story has got in such a small space of time?, says Uzor, ?It?s almost surreal?.
Businesses and website owners can advertise on Search by Story by buying a word in any story for US$100, which will display a screen tip with a description of their website, together with a link back to their own site.
Sites that have bought some of Uzor?s words include online-gaming websites, book websites, and soccer websites.
Uzor?s says that his inspiration for Search by Story came from observing his fellow school mates and teachers.
?I noticed at school that nearly everyone had an interesting book that they were reading. Even the teachers. I then noticed from websites, like the million dollar homepage, that businesses are always looking for new and interesting advertising opportunities. It just made sense to bring the two together to produce Search by Story.? comments Uzor.
Uzor says that he gets help with managing the site from his older sister. ?I take care of the site design and uploading links, whilst my older sister takes care of handling payments and managing the database?, comments Uzor, ?It?s kinda like a family business?.
If completed http://www.searchbystory.com , which offers a total of 20,000 words for US$100 each, is set to fetch Uzor a cool $2 million.
Uzor, who will be starting his GCSEs in September, says that businesses and website owners are getting value for money by advertising on his site.
?Each link on Search by Story has received at least 150-200 hits every day since I launched? says Uzor ?plus they are getting at least 2 years advertising space for only 100 dollars?.
When asked what he would do with the cash, Uzor says that he intends to share it with his family and pay for university in the future. ?If, God willing, I sell all of the words, I?d most definitely share it with my family. The whole point of making my website was to help me and my family fulfill our life-long ambitions?, he explained, ?I?d also like to put the money towards my university education in the future because as my mom always says, Education is the key?.
Uzor is not the first young-person to launch a money-making website. Alex Tew, aged 21, set up http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com in August 2005 after thinking of ways to pay for his mammoth university fees. He made one million dollars from his website in only 4 months and started the huge internet craze of pixel advertising. This just goes to show that business is moving down a generation. It?s no longer a game for the old and experienced. Young-people are taking a bite too.

Find out more about more about Wisdom Obinna Uzor and his money-making website at http://www.searchbystory.com

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