Beautiful Birds Paintings

Written By Alla Levin
June 29, 2006

Birds Paintings Art Gallery

Birds are the free creatures that are never meant to be tamed, the creatures that exist without any control or power of anyone. The artists of all times always have been delighted by the administration, grace, and freedom of the magnificent creatures with wings. Wings have become the symbol of release, space, and will.

Modern bird art includes hundreds of magnificent contemporary bird paintings: watercolor painting birds, painting birds in oils, birds digital illustrations, birds in paintings in traditional techniques, bird sketches, etc.

Every artist has their vision and style. They are carefully sketching the features of every bird, trying to capture their appearance accurately. See yourself the beauty of modern art paintings of birds. The bright colors and sleek graphic lines perfectly convey the shine of the plumage and the characteristic features of the unique habits of every bird. That’s why birds in paintings look so vivid and natural.

To make the journey into the world of birds paintings, here are a few interesting facts about birds.

Interesting facts about birds:

1. About 9,800 kinds of birds that live on Earth are currently known to scientists;
2. The only kind of bird in the world that does not have wings is – Kiwi that lives in New Zealand;
3. The bird’s feathers weigh more than its skeleton;
4. Birds have a blunted sense of taste compared to other animals. Scientists still can not conclusively prove that all the birds have a sense of smell;
5. The “Smartest” bird in the world is considered a sparrow;
6. No other living creature, except birds, has feathers. The primary function of feathers is to help birds to fly. They also waterproof the birds and protect their body against UV rays and other harmful factors.
Interesting, isn’t it!

The collection of birds paintings by different artists

cardinal_tilenti_watercolor _painting
Watercolor painting by Talenti

Painting by Harpyja

Painting by John Halbert
Painting of the bird
chrislodge_bird_watercolor _painting
Painting by Chris Lodge
chris lodge_watercolor painting birds
Painting by Chris Lodge
Painting by John Halbert
Peta Boyce_painted_bird
Painting by Peta Boyce
SnowyOwl_johnhalbert_birds in paintings
Painting by John Halbert
suevancoppenhagan_asian bird art
Painting by Sue van Coppenhagen

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