The Mermaids of Juan Cabana

Written By Alla Levin
July 31, 2006

The Mermaids of Juan Cabana

Mermaids exist in the twilight place between land and sea, in the psychological intertidal zone between life-giver and life-taker. Wanton, seductive and alluring, these amphibious goddesses of classical myth toy unabashedly with a man’s affections, offering him sweetness yet bringing only death.

The Mermaids
by Kim Bannerman

The paintings of the pre-Raphaelites portray mermaids as lovely maidens with a silvery aquatic tail, who comb their luxurious tresses in serene repose along a placid shore, but the mermaids of old were neither so innocent nor demure. With the sultry curve of their breasts and the dulcet darkness of their dreamy eyes, those half-forgotten ocean deities promised to reveal the secrets of the unattainable fathoms, only to drown men with their savage affection. …
by Kim Bannerman

by Kim Bannerman
by Kim Bannerman

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0 thoughts on “The Mermaids of Juan Cabana

  1. went to nothing there.

    real dead mermaids are supposed to be scary

    Juan Cabana creates the best mermaids around.

  2. the second thing is just a doll made for a bunch of students in mexico, they were in the news and explain why they did it, but many people in the town who found it were really scary

  3. Of course its not real,if it was there would be decay,and the eyes would be filled with salt and dirt and would have been eaten away by seafish.

  4. hey….is that thing real??…i guess it isn’t….the second image is obviously not real…but for the first image??….i don’t think so…but….it’s nice…hehehe… here from philippines…

  5. wow! realy scary man. looks so fu#*ing realistic that i first thought it actually is!!!! astonishing. have to at that i prefer the first pic, more horror movie like^o^

  6. thats so fake if you look at it clearly first
    those fins were removed from a large fish
    face looks like a dried head monky and the rest human its fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The stuff that nightmares are made of. Both are obviously fake, and made of either paper mache’ or plaster. The question I have is how in the gods green earth did they make them.

  8. Well The first one does not look like a mermiad…it look more like a deep sea fish that you never see because we cant get deep enough to find all the creatures down there, and well the second picture looks like it is made out of styrofoam…and its gums are much too pink for it to be dead…also its eyes look fake..but im not sure about those…really I dont think that is real at all…and I now styrofoam floats but people have ways of filling styrofoam.

    Anyways Thats what I think of those pictures…

  9. I just want to know if these so called mermaids are actually real. I have always heard tales and fictional stories about them, and i have always been fascinated by them. That is why I want googled this subject.
    Thank You for your response, (if i get one) and I hope to get the truth.

  10. that is so real. fairies mermaids and all those other mythical creatures are also real. they dont live in our own universe they live in a parellel universe. so us humans dont capture them and steal them. they dont want to be science experiments.

  11. weow!!!!there silly hot figure mama!!!!!!!!! i think i smell something fishy b’coz of the ugly pictures i ‘ave seen!!!!!!!!oh,, well b4 i 4got cain ya’ please add me in my friendster thiz is my email add “[email protected]”tnx again!!!!!!seyah!!!!!

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