Cube Rack

Written By Alla Levin
July 31, 2006

Cube Rack

Coat racks have fallen out of use, largely because of the fact that they are often aesthetically unpleasing or just plain ugly.

Young U.K designer Jennifer Marriott has developed a simple, yet ingenious way to bury the traditional coat rack with her cube-style design. This coat rack and storage area is a contemporary look at what the traditional hallstands used to be.

It holds more than your average coat hook: storing coats, bags, scarf`s, keys, mobile phones, posts etc. It`s warm and friendly, welcoming you as you walk through the door of your home.

The neutral background helps it to blend into any decor, with a few colored blocks, from the selected color range, to liven and brighten up the hallway. Being produced in modular form, you can have a storage area as large or as small as you need.


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