Hello Kitty Branded Cell Phone

Written By Alla Levin
August 16, 2006

BenQ Mobile is launching a Hello Kitty branded cellphone. Adorning the front of the high-quality casing, which comes in shimmering metallic pink, is the image of the world-famous cat. The back panel of the casing shows through in contrasting white. Hello Kitty’s logo with matching writing makes the back an interesting eye-catcher.

Not only is the design of the BenQ-Siemens AL26 Hello Kitty attuned completely to the charming cat – Kitty is the main subject of the preinstalled mobile games, wallpapers and ringtones, providing variety in mobile enjoyment.Hello Kitty was created in Japan in 1974 and has since become established as one of the best known lifestyle brands worldwide. The cute cat with the pink bow symbolizes friendship and happiness. It has long since made it to the covers of international fashion magazines and the catwalks of celebrated fashion designers. Women and girls around the globe go wild for Hello Kitty, and many celebrities are among its fans.

The BenQ-Siemens AL26 Hello Kitty will be on retail sale from August 2006 on. Prices will be determined locally.

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