Singapore Fireworks Festival Gallery

Written By Alla Levin
August 16, 2006
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 A Gallery of Images from Singapore Fireworks Festival

Independence Day (National Day) – this is the main Singapore holiday, which is celebrated on the day of the formation of the independent Republic of Singapore, which occurred on August 9, 1965. When the country withdrew from the Malay Federation and become a completely independent state.

On this day, the whole nation unites in a single patriotic impulse, regardless of its ethnicity. The main content of the holiday is a traditional parade in honor of the National Day and its beautiful Singapore Fireworks Festival.

To visit this country during those days is the best time and don’t forget to get yourself a ticket to Universal Studio Singapore. Those pictures are the answers to your question on what to do in Singapore?

Singapore Fireworks Festival
Singapore Fireworks Festival
Singapore Fireworks Festival
Singapore Fireworks Festival

See how Singapore Fireworks Festival looked in 2006

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