10 Grammar Errors that Could be Haunting Your Blog

Written By Alla Levin
October 26, 2006
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10 Grammar Errors that Could be Haunting Your Blog

I can’t stop stating:

Do you ever get the feeling that a blog post is written directly for you? While I’m not sure this one is written with me in mind – it could well be!

Top Ten Grammar Errors that Haunt Web Pages

  1. it’s = it is
  2. Website (or page) vs. website/page vs. Website/website (page)
  3. Periods and commas: do they go inside or outside of quotation marks, or does it depend on the sentence?
  4. E-mail vs. email, plus what is the plural of e-mail?
  5. SEOs or SEO’s
  6. Spelling spot check
  7. Hyphens
  8. Additional spot check
  9. Singular vs. plural (getting close to ad nauseam by now)
  10. Commas

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