Giving Your Brand A More Polished Look

Written By Alla Levin
July 09, 2021

Giving Your Brand A More Polished Look

So, your brand looks great right now, and you deserve to feel proud of that! You’ve brainstormed the name, the message, and the logo, and you’re sure you’re on the right track to building a whole empire from these little ideas. 

However, even though your brand looks pretty good right now, is there a chance it could look a bit better? Could it do with a bit more polish, to really make it recognisable, and to make sure your business comes off as legitimate as possible? If the answer to those questions is yes, we’ve got some top tips for you below! 

Think About Your Online Format

How does your website look when a visitor logs on? Is it easy to navigate through? Does it have plenty of interesting, eye-catching words and images? Would you, as the visitor yourself, want to spend some time surfing through your web pages? 

These are all great questions to ask when it comes to the way you present to the world, as they can make or break the click-through rate you’re seeing a problem with right now. 

Most of all, you need to think about the way your website is formatted. It needs to be easy to read, with a proper flow, and you need to make sure the UI isn’t overwhelming either. Maybe you need to get a webmaster on the case, or maybe you just need to make a font change here and there… 

Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Physical MarketingAdd a Luxurious Touch to Your Physical Marketing

Most businesses will have a physical marketing element, and yours is probably no different! After all, you’ve got local customers to attract as well, and that means you need to get a bit flashy here. For example, maybe it’s time to print those flyers on ‘glossy’ paper, instead of plain? 

Similarly, maybe you’ve got a small fleet of company cars for representatives to use? Why not add a hint of luxury to them with a window tint or a car wrap job? Your name is on the side of the car, sure, but you want the overall design to help catch the eye as well! 

Rethink Your Logo Design

Now it’s time to think about the number one visual that represents your brand: the logo. Maybe you created it a while ago and love the design, maybe you created it last night and you’re still wondering if it’s good or not – either way, there’s a good chance you can add another layer of polish. 

Think about the design elements; is there a timeless quality, does it ‘paint a thousand words’, can it be re-formatted in an acceptable manner, etc. Take another look at your logo and see if it fits into all of these categories. If not, it might need a bit more tweaking to hit the next level.

If you know what sector you are venturing into, then you can buy premium domain names for business use online, so you can avoid all the back and forth with a graphic designer.

Your brand is looking quite good, but the polish just isn’t quite there yet. However, it’s very easy to add, especially when you’re using the tips above! 

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