Win the SMALLEST GSM phone in the world

Written By Alla Levin
December 21, 2006
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Akihabara News contest:

This is the last Akihabara News contest. We nicely started with a Vaio U71P and many other prizes. This time, we?ll try to end nicely also with 2 really rare GSM phones! Remember, a few months ago, a Chinese company offered the smallest GSM phone in the world with a touch screen, a camera (functioning also as a webcam), an MP3 and Mpeg4 player! This phone only existed then in Chinese. Well, you know what? We have a model in English for you!!! (The phone measures 65x30x19mm.) We also have another rare phone only available in China, still in Chinese, in a very nice package, and also very small. For the previous contests, you are going to explain why it is important to read Akihabara News every morning and why we?re the best in the world and the whole universe, and why you`re very intergalactic Green Piggy is your only GOD! Otherwise, you can also explain why a new religion should be created in my name? the Sect of the Green Pig! As you should have guessed by now, I’m ready for the nuthouse? Anyway, you’ve got until December 26 to participate!

All we can say – go to try and win!

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