Pocket Emo: Walkthrough, Guide, and Cheat

Written By Alla Levin
September 29, 2007

Pocket Emo Walkthrough, Guide, and Cheat

We’ve all found ourselves with some free time and nothing specific to do. If you’re a gaming fan, the thought of trying out a new game might have crossed your mind. Let’s face it, though – there are moments when you don’t necessarily want an action-packed or mentally demanding game.

That’s where a straightforward game, allowing you to play around and pass the time, becomes quite useful. Pocket Emo offers just that with its animated freestyle simulation.

In exploring the Pocket Emo game, I’ve enjoyed the virtual experience and discovered the best practices to keep my virtual Emo companion happy. Additionally, I’ve compiled insights and recommendations for fellow Emo enthusiasts wondering about the emo dressing style and where to buy emo clothes.

It’s not just a guide – it’s a sharing of experiences and best practices for Pocket Emo fun. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or curious about the Emo culture, this article has you covered.

What is Pocket Emo?custom pocket Emo stickers.

This game is for you if you’ve ever gone through a dark emo phase in your teenage years where you’re either depressed or annoyed by everything. This simulation game, first established in 2007, starts with you getting an emo teenager, who you’ll have to dress up according to your preferences. Once your emo character is ready, the game will ask you to give it a name.

You can feed your character, play with it, make it scribble in his diary, learn how to make pocket emo happy or try giving it a razor. You can expect your Pocket Emo to act precisely like an emo teenager. You have your very own emo character that you can spend your time on and play around with, and you can even order your favorite custom pocket Emo stickers.

What to Expect from the Game?

Are you looking for a simple walkthrough of everything you can do in the game? Here’s what you can expect while you have fun playing around:

  1. Dress Up: The game gives you multiple options to help you envision your ideal emo character. The basics include choosing between choices for the hairstyle, facial expressions, and outfit. You can even go all-in with the ’emo-ness with the options of adding piercing, studded belts, wristbands, thick-rimmed glasses, and messenger bags. With all these possibilities, you can create the emo character of your dreams.
  2. Actions: You’ll be able to feed your Pocket Emo a burger. Further on, You can play with your emo character with a ball. Throw it around, and he’ll play with it but in an indifferent mood. Another action in the game is making your emo character write in a diary. How can your Pocket Emo be complete without listening to emo songs? You can make him listen to music while playing the game as well. Lastly, the game brings a razor that you can give to your emo character. Although it’s less likely, he’ll accept it and make you take it away instead.
  3. Mood: You can monitor your Pocket Emo’s feelings with the mood feature next to the heart. It will help let you know if your emo character feels numb, alone, sad, or depressed.

How do you beat Pocket Emo or Make Pocket Emo happy?

how to make pocket emo happy
by kitten-chan

Many players who spend their free time on this game wonder how to win the Emo game. The game is about making your emo character happy, measured by the five hearts on the top right corner of the screen.

If the hearts are split in half, indicating a broken heart, that means your emo character is unhappy. The goal is to ensure all five hearts are repaired to beat the game, i.e., the character is pleased. Therefore, to beat Poket emo means learning how to make Pocket emo happy.

Achieving this goal can be difficult but not impossible. The key to beating the game is to do nothing. In other words, leave your emo character alone without disturbing it. Don’t feed it, play with it, make it write the diary, or give it the razor.

While you’ll be tempted to make the character do something, you must leave the temptations aside if you truly want to beat the game. The emo character will automatically become happy once you leave it alone for about money. Thus, you’ll have officially beaten the game!

Where to Get It?Where to Get It?

Pocket Emo is an online browser game, which means you can play it on any device, such as a mobile, laptop, or tablet, on your preferred web browser. You’ll also need Adobe Flash Player, downloaded and enabled on your device, to play the game.

The game is available on several websites, the most popular of which is Mindistortion. You can find it on other gaming websites, e.g., arcadecabin, armorgames, flasharcadegamessite, etc. You can embed your Pocket Emo character on any website, such as WordPress, MySpace, or even your website.

The gaming website imparts a link that allows you to embed your Pocket Emo to any website. Hence giving your website or blog your unique touch while viewers scroll through it.


In conclusion, this is the perfect brain simulation game that lets you play around and spend your extra minutes without getting bored. Not to mention, you’ll have your very own emo character to take care of.

Pocket Emo is a gaming sensation with entertaining yet straightforward features if you want to enjoy a game without too much hassle. Create a Pocket Emo. Then click on Visit my Emo. After that, you can feed your Emo, play with it, give it a diary to write in, learn how to make pocket Emo happy, or let it listen to music.

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