Pocket Emo

Create a Pocket Emo. Give it a name and click on Finish. Then click on Visit my Emo. After that you can feed your Emo, play with it, giva it a diary to write into, or let it listen to music.

(via Know or Never, Generator Blog)

  • I know that I’m not an Emo guy, but I have enjoyed playing with the virtual Pocket Emo! It’s really cool, and you can put one on your profile…. I had one on MyYearbook. You can feed him a hamburger (he hates pickles LOL X-D), make him play with a beachball, make him write in his journal, try and make him literally cut himself, & make him listen to his favorite music!!! WOW, and (sometimes) if you leave him alone by his lonesome- he’ll tend to say different things and cry *sob*.