Great Text Link Ads Advertising System

Written By Alla Levin
October 03, 2007

Another Great Text Link Ads Advertising System

You can never have enough! I am successfully running some link ads on this and several other blogs and they are making a stable and handy profit. But of course, not all buyers will come from the same media seller and if you can find another one?
A few weeks ago I came around a topic in Digitalpoint forums where another text link ads advertising system was discussed. It assists site publishers in buying thousands of text links from other websites within minutes. Price is great. One may buy one text link to your website for as little as one point. The system offers each thousand points for just $1.14. So, basically, for a little over 1 dollar, you can get 1000 inbound links pointing to your website. Sounds good eh?

There are the details? Here they are. The system is called TNX and can be found at (easy to remember, huh). Here I have found some more info on tnx website. Using the benefits of Network you will be able to get large amounts links. All links are non-reciprocal links from hundreds of quality websites. In just several minutes you have the opportunity to order thousands of links from high-quality Internet resources. Text links can be placed on main pages as well as on single, deep pages of resources that either has few other outbound links or no links at all. (Some stats: system nowadays has over 24,000 webmasters worldwide and a database of > 33,500,000 pages, over 500,000 of which have PR>0. The system trades over 25.000.000 links a month). links are placed mostly on well detectable spots of the website, so they are also getting visitor’s attention. With you have the opportunity to advertise the main page of your website as well as any other page). The most exciting part of the TNX – network is that you don’t have to select every page you want to place your link at. You just need to select the sum of links, its quality, and link with keywords. Text link ads will be placed on websites with chosen Google Page Rank, Yahoo Backlinks number and those of chosen Category.


Obviously, is free for website owners. If you have sold a text link ad from your any page of your website with Page Rank = four, you could get enough TNX points to purchase links from other websites. For example, approximately eight hundred Page Rank 0 text links from up to 800 websites. You can accumulate tnx-points or sell them to at any time. will automatically calculate ratings of each page of your resource and fund your account when the link is sold. 1 TNX-Point is basically a link from one website with lowest rating/options (YB < five hundred, PR 0, Subject:”Weight Loss, Fitness …”) for a month. There may be ten thousand points paid for only 1 link, so it all depends on the weight of the page that has a link placed on it.


Many webmasters that joined and have made Ad Campaigns have already noticed more traffic from search engines to their websites. Using you can promote limitless amounts of websites and keywords. After seconds you have the opportunity to upload a file with hundreds of unique link with different keywords. Good example, you can use titles of your internet store items in the link keywords. So after several weeks when people search for such products in search engines, link to your website will be in top results. Upload links with latest news subject instead of key phrase and your latest news website will get to the top of search engines results when people do a search for the exact phrase that was used in your keywords. Definitely, you will discover the increase of income from CPC ads on your website.

SECURITY operates hard to increase the security of all TNX members and effect of the TNX-System for members who sell links and advertisers as well. Strict regulations are followed when admitting campaigns and resources, ?hey help TNX to prevent search engines pessimization. No more than 1 text link (up to 4 links) is placed on every page by default – so that it does not look like a link farm. Listing of all clients, as well as list of their websites, is kept private. Link ads are placed in places where people can find them. Every ad has not only a link but at the same time, it has a description before and after the Link. Link ad doesn’t have any signs in the HTML-code that would identify your website as the one that sells links. All of the above puts your site from which you trade text link ads at practically no risk (close to zero) to get banned or pessimized by search engines. People who buy links also have a full control of the link ads placement speed and have the opportunity to block new links placement at any time. It will help you to prevent Google’s and other Search Engines “too many links at once” filter (if you purchase too many links to a new website.


Find out how much dollars your resource could be making you by using the Income Calculator located on the main page of Differently, from other selling/buying links networks you can sell your TNX-Points to at any time. TNX-Points Bonus: Join the TNX-Network right now and get 2,000 TNX-Points on your account absolutely free of charge and as our “Thanks” (tnx) for testing out the TNX-System. For two thousand TNX-Points, you have the opportunity to get up to 2,000 links for 1 month. When you become a member of as a publisher and your website gets approved then your account will be credited by 5,000 TNX-Points free of charge. Notice, that resources without?Pagerank > Zero? pages or websites which are not indexed by search engines and expired domains are not accepted. You can read the information of that TNX-Points Limited. I will definitely try out the TNX-Network and will let you how it works. I just bought $20 worth of TNX-Points to check how fast I can promote one of my new blogs.

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