Rainbow Six 3 – Raven Shield + Athena Sword

Written By Alla Levin
May 21, 2008

Rainbow Six 3 - Raven Shield + Athena SwordPart of the Essential Collection: more than 130 games for just ?6.95/month – The granddaddy’s back and better than ever. Join THE elite counter terrorist team. If you’ve always wanted to join the SAS but the training just seemed like a bit too much hard work then this is for you. Plan out tactics, outfit your team with the best weapons and neutralise terrorists with precise, well-timed assaults. Rainbow six 3 Athena Sword includes not only the third instalment in the series that gave birth to the genre ‘Tactical Shooter’ but also the superb add-on with more guns, more missions, and more multiplayer than you can shake a flash blinded terrorist at.

Download `Rainbow Six 3 – Raven Shield + Athena Sword`

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