Y&R Interactive Israel Showcase

Written By Alla Levin
September 21, 2006

Pump up the volume

This campaign we have created for Logitech company that markets computer sound systems.
The aim was to show how powerful their systems really are. The creative is based on interactive video.
It took a team of 15 people, a producer, art director and hairstylist to film the piece.
So turn up the volume and get with it.


Toshiba ? Don’t even go there!

A simple and compelling way, to translate and let surfers experience first hand, the brand’s positioning: “The sharpest”.
All cursors attempting to fly over the Toshiba “No go area” are automatically shredded.
We dare you to try.


Go beyond ? break out of the box

The challenge was to come up with a creative way of telling Isracard customers, their credit card allowed them to extend their credit limit.
The answer was simple ? cut away from the imposed banner frame and expand it beyond its boundaries.
The outcome is an amusing, humoristic and creative little film. Enjoy!


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