2030 Rolls Royce Eidolon Concept Car with Omni Wheel Technology

Written By Alla Levin
October 23, 2013
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2030 Rolls Royce Eidolon Concept Car with Omni Wheel Technology

Futuristic 2030 Rolls Royce Eidolon concept car features a unique seating layout to demonstrate how users can drive and interact within the vehicle, thanks to autonomous technology equipped in the car.

It’s a design study that was inspired by the luxury brand as most wealthy people love to be seen in large luxury cars even though they have to face city maneuverability issues.

This concept car solves the issues with Omni wheel technology, it creates its dimensions without compromising its maneuverability.

Luxury cars usually feature a long body which might cause problems when driving in the city.

By applying advanced Omni wheel technology, the wheelbase no longer dictates the maneuverability of a car, instead, now the car length determines city friendliness of the car.

Turning radius of a standard sedan is around 11m, but with this technology, the radius becomes 0, even 6-meter long vehicle equipped with Omni wheel would be more maneuverable compared to the normal c-segment sedan.

Designer: Ying Hern Pow

Designer: Ying Hern Pow







Source: Tuvie

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