Advantages Of Tourism To The Economy

Written By Alla Levin
July 20, 2017

Advantages Of Tourism To The Economy

Tourism is significant not only for individuals traveling but also to the local communities with tourist attractions. It improves local industries and is a predominant source of income to the economy.

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Employment creation

Tourism comes with the benefit of creating employment for local people ranging from directly influenced jobs like tour guides, hotel staff, and coach services. Another great thing about tourism is that supporting industries like retail and food production industries also benefit from tourism although this advantage is not easily identified as it happens behind the scenes.

Increased spending in the local community

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Money earned owing to tourism is given back to the local economy, and this is why tourism revenues are said to have the multiplier effect. This is because most of the money earned by tourism is re-injected again and again into the local economy.


Apart from bringing wealth to the local communities it also allows communities to diversify their sources of income. This is important to communities that base their survival upon a single industry like mining or manufacturing. The provision of the new source of revenue may also be useful if traditional industries face financial pressure, the money generated by tourism will then support these industries.


The more revenue that local councils and governments gain because of tourism the more they develop local infrastructure. This does mean not only better facilities for the tourists but also a significant advantage to the local people especially when there is enough revenue to build schools and hospitals. In a way, tourism revenues ensure a proper flow of goods and services.


With tourism, entrepreneurs get opportunities to establish new services and products which are not only sustained by residents alone but by tourists as well. Hence there is no doubt that tourism is fantastic for all economies.

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