The Best Travel Tips And Things To Do in Qatar

Written By Alla Levin
April 04, 2023
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Many travelers don’t think of it at first, but a close look will show that Qatar should be at the top of the list of travel destinations. A country that nestles against the Persian Gulf and offers fantastic desert scenery and breathtaking architecture. For those who don’t know: Qatar is one of those places that brings together the new intoxicating times and wonderful old traditions.

Why travel to Qatar? Our top 5 highlights

Qatar is a place for all the senses: Here, you will see impressive scenery, smell soothing scents and experience unique experiences. The state has a lot to offer culturally, but the nature and everyday life of the locals is just as impressive. An emirate full of facets that could not be more different and, at the same time, more coherent.

Museum of Islamic Art: Impressive work in unique architectureMuseum of Islamic Art

Right on the Corniche, the popular waterfront in the middle of Doha, there is a place that not only houses works of art but is one in itself: the Museum of Islamic Art. You should not miss a visit there on your trip. The architecture of the building itself is reminiscent of the face of a woman looking through her burqa. A real highlight!

Katara Cultural Village: Witty conversations in a creative setting

Another venue for Qatar’s arts and culture is the Katara Cultural Village, a neighborhood designed to bring together creative minds and witty thinkers.

This philosophy is implemented in many great galleries, fantastic events in various locations, and high-class restaurants. You will quickly notice that the atmosphere invites you to cultural exchange and encourages conversation. There are also plenty of places to go for active breaks: Try water skiing, jet skiing, or parasailing!

Souk Waqif: Fantastic hodgepodge with Arabian passionSouk Waqif

Anyone who is a guest in Qatar should not miss a particular highlight: a visit to a traditional bazaar. They are part of the Arabic culture and mentality and exude the oriental magic that guests and travelers seek.

The Souk Waqif is particularly beautiful: You can buy practical utensils for cooking, sensual spice mixtures, and beautiful clothes during a stroll. The bazaar is a big jumble of tourists, locals, and traders haggling and bartering in the small streets. If you are looking for souvenirs, you will find them here!

The Corniche: Idyllic, green oasis of relaxation and deceleration

In Qatar, there is not only the bustling hustle and bustle of the traditional souks or the modern chic of the large shopping malls, there is also an idyllic place to relax: The Doha Corniche. Palm-lined green strips invite you to do yoga, go jogging, or go for a walk. There are play areas for children and unbeatable views of the sea. If you want, you can also make a detour to the palace of the Emir, which is well worth seeing.

Khaur al-Udaid or Inland Sea: Breathtaking scenery with a romantic flairKhaur al-Udaid or Inland Sea

The way there is not the easiest because there is no road. You can only reach your destination through the dunes: the Khour al-Udaid nature reserve. Awarded a valuable ecosystem by UNESCO, it is one thing above all for travelers: breathtakingly beautiful. Nowhere else can you admire the awe-inspiring backdrop of the sea penetrating deep into the desert? So be sure to pack a camera on your trip.

Religion and Culture

Islam is the state religion of Qatar, and the local population consists of Wahhabis and Shiites. Sharia is the main source of legislation. Due to foreigners and guest workers, there are also Hindus, Christians, and Jews. Qatar has a lot to offer culturally: Numerous nations meet here, in a short time, you come into contact with Asians, Europeans, and Arabs. I

f you’re an Indonesian, you should check out Qatar-Indonesia 2023 and other events being hosted by Years Of Culture. But not only the people are culturally diverse: Everywhere in the emirate, there are opportunities and sights through which travelers can get to know and understand the Arabic culture better. Especially in the capital Doha, there are numerous fascinating museums and art sites.

Climate, weather, and best travel timeThings To Do in Qatar

To travel to Qatar, you must prepare for an extreme desert climate. Temperatures are very high year-round, starting at 22 degrees Celsius in January and rising to 50 degrees Celsius in summer. Therefore, they are not particularly suitable for travelers.

The weather is more pleasant for Europeans in spring and autumn, but winter can also score at around 20 degrees Celsius. The months from November to early March are perfect for a trip. At this time, the daytime temperature is usually below 30 degrees, and the evenings are pleasantly cool.

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