6 Issues a Home Inspection Won’t Reveal

Written By Alla Levin
August 11, 2017
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Common Home Inspection Issues a Home Inspection Won’t Reveal

A home inspection is a crucial step in selling a home. It helps buyers get a better grasp on the state of the home they are interested in buying. A professional inspector will check all the home’s major systems and parts and give a written report on its state, including all the potential issues, recommendations for maintenance, and repairs.

However, no matter how experienced the inspector is or how detailed his analysis is, there are still some elements they might miss. This could prove to be a huge problem later on if you decide to buy the property. Whenever a potential buyer pays you a visit to find the exterior and/or interior in bad shape, it may deter his intentions entirely regardless of the benefits on your property. Prepare the fose ecologice sewage system effectively which is the main aspect of the property.

Knowing which parts of the home need to be improved on can help ease the stress of finding the perfect home, which can be less painful than most imagine if you follow a few ground rules described here: http://www.homesalessandiego.com/blog/calm-and-hunt-real-estate-san-diego/. Septic Tank pumping in Jacksonville, FL suggests, if you are looking to buy a home, be aware that an inspection might not reveal these issues.

Common Home Inspection IssuesCommon Home Inspection Issues


One of the primary duties of the inspector is to reveal any structural issues. But this does not include dangerous pests like termites. Their analysis often does not involve vermin that can nest in the walls, basement, or attics like birds, raccoons, or rats. If you suspect the home might be infected, hire an exterminator to eliminate them before the situation gets out of hand.

Roof Issues

It’s true that inspectors assess the state of the roof, they do so from the inside. Therefore they miss out on any structural damage on the roof itself. They could also miss out on potential leaks or hidden holes. If you are buying a home in an area known for severe weather, make sure to hire a separate contractor to inspect the roof.

Plumbing Issues

Home inspectors aren’t usually qualified to make a detailed analysis of the plumbing system. They might provide visual analysis and warn you of outdated or worn-out materials but will not go into more detail. Therefore it might be good to hire plumbing services in Cleveland or wherever you are and get a more thorough inspection and report from plumbing experts. Inspectors also don’t check the septic tanks, sewer lines, interior waste lines, and pools.

That said, if you know you have a septic system operating at home, you must schedule regular inspections to make sure everything is under control and working properly. Homeowners often overlook their septic tanks and only check them when major interventions are required.

To quickly find a solution, engineers will be your best call. Find them on Bio-Sol, as well as educational content about each problem you might face and how to tackle them.

Toxic Materials

Home inspectors don’t have the tools necessary to detect dangerous, toxic materials like radon, asbestos, lead paint, or toxic black mold. If you are worried about these issues, consult a specialist.

Home Appliances

Some homes are sold with appliances, which are not generally covered in a home inspector’s analysis. Items like dishwashers, ovens, washers, and refrigerators are among some of those. Some inspectors don’t even check the HVAC system. They might report that the system is outdated but will not check if the coils, filters, and ducts are in good shape.


A home inspector usually looks at the property around the house to see if there are septic tank leaks or other drainage problems, damage to the fence or the driveway, and similar issues. But their report usually doesn’t involve issues like dead or dying trees, pests, bare spots, or malfunctioning sprinklers. A home inspection can help detect a lot of different issues that might help you decide whether you want to invest in a home or not.

That said, while a home inspector conducts a detailed analysis if you want to make sure none of these issues come back to haunt you call in for a few more experts to make sure you are making a wise, informed decision. This could save you a lot of unexpected costs and tons of trouble.

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