Coaching Software – an Element of Corporate Development Program

Written By Alla Levin
August 10, 2017
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Coaching Software as an Element of Corporate Development Program

Corporate coaching – aiming to help to achieve the goal or solve the problem of a particular company.

Corporate coaching is benefiting for both: employees and employers. The key employees become aware of the perspectives in the business, they see the clarity of their future within the company, and they get the support of their initiative.

The employer receives loyal, interested and competent associates.

Coaching complements very well the existing tools, such as systematic training programs, an individual development plan, a project method.

At the same time, the coach has the objectivity of talking not only about what “hurts” the employee (the client), which of course, is essential, but also supports some activity within the company, helping in the development of new behavior in the business.

This approach implemented in many different programs. It is becoming a kind of a trend in the market – when there already is a corporate training program and the development program.

It already has several key elements (for example, the same individual development plan with competence development, training system modules, some club formats) and all these activities are tied up like Coaching.

Corporate coaching also aimed at supporting the company staff on the stage of the project implementation.

Quite often the project participants have extensive theoretical knowledge and the terminology, which they can not always apply or use in practice.

Coaching includes the development and the support of employees in the transition to a systematic and continuous implementation of “the right tools and methods” in the realization of projects.

Corporate coaching involves working with both company managers and team members in real project activities and in this case the optimal ad the most efficient way is to use Executive Coaching Software.

Coaching Software

What is Executive Coaching Software?

Executive Coaching Software is a coaching management system built to optimize corporate coaching and leadership development programs.

It is a revolutionary dashboard that provides talent leaders the ability to maximize ROI and efficiently analyze, manage and report on company-wide coaching analytics, anytime and anywhere.

Coaching Software is a secure, cloud-based SaaS platform. It allows talent management leaders to measure, arrange and optimize their corporate coaching programs.

The Learning program and a program content can be shared confidentially through the Library with coaches, participants, and administrators.

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