Interesting Facts About Lawyers

Written By Alla Levin
September 26, 2017

The Collection of Curious Facts About Lawyers

Do you know that today, the market for legal services is somewhat widely overcrowded? Therefore the question is: how to make the right choice and find the right specialist? How to find your perfect personal injury lawyer or the law firm that will be able to perform the job perfectly, giving you guarantees of the result? After all, the customer is supposed to trust his lawyer or the law firm he works with.

A great personal injury lawyer will share with his client the details of every specific solution that might potentially work for him. Also, your legal adviser should share some extent financial well-being opportunities rising to his client. Today we gonna share some strange facts on what stands behind this multi-billion legal business and may inspire you to find your perfect personal injury lawyer.

Fun Facts about Lawyers

Lawyers Solutions are presumably serious people, and practicing law is a serious business as well. That doesn’t mean that there is nothing fun, interesting, and funny about lawyers. Once in a while, it is good to step back from the seriousness of this profession and focus on the light side of the career.

There are over 2 million lawyers in the United States. With the population of the US standing at around 330,525,505, there is roughly one lawyer for every 240 people. With such numbers, it is easy to find lawyers near me, and the population makes it possible for firms to get clients.

One fact you should know about the law is that it is not always a serious business. One interesting fact about law, do you know who the first woman lawyer is? Arabella Mansfield is the first woman in United States history to become a lawyer. Interestingly, she had to sue the State Bar of Iowa to sit for its bar exam back in 1865!

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Fact #1 Personal Injury Lawyer

Jurisprudence is considered the oldest profession in the world. The first lawyers appeared in Ancient Rome, but funny enough that they did not know the basics of the law at that time. They only owned the expressive art and persuaded the crowd of listeners in the innocence of their client.

Fact #2

In ancient times, lawyers often had to protect animals because the church court considered such claims. The last verdict that was passed on to the animal is dated 1740. The lawyer defended the cow, which destroyed the neighbor’s pasture. A weak “client” was sentenced to hanging.

Fact #3

The famous composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a lawyer. At one time, he graduated from the Imperial College of Law. After receiving the post of the titular adviser, Pyotr Ilyich worked in the Ministry of Justice parallel with this wrote his brilliant music pieces.

Fact #4

Lawyers are known for the ability to operate on facts very skillfully, that means, that if they wish, they can prove anything. The professional lexicon of the lawyer totals about 15 000 words.

Fact #5

29 out of 45 presidents of America by profession were lawyers.

Fact #6

The British futurological agency “Fast Future” believes that by 2030, the most modern and demanding job will be a counsel of virtual law.

Fact #7

The United States of America is considered the hu of ridiculous laws. There even operate several dozen organizations fighting for the cancellation of the dumb laws (“stupid laws”), as they are commonly called.

Funny “Stupid Laws”

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  1. Once in Texas, a law was passed, according to which, if you want to commit a crime, you must be in writing or verbally warn the victim of the future crime. It must be done not less than 24 hours before the offense was committed. Also, the warning should describe the impending crime;
  2. If you are an unmarried woman in Florida, you can not jump with a parachute on Sundays. Also, you can not ride a skateboard without license plates, and you can not break more than three plates a day;
  3. In the city of Pensacola, if you died (!) as a result of careless use of electrical appliances in the bathroom, you must be fined $ 100;
  4. In Nebraska, hairdressers cannot eat garlic or onions from 7.00 to 19.00;
  5. In New Jersey, an arrest can be subjected to anyone who smacks in a restaurant;
  6. In Alaska, it is forbidden to wake up bears to photograph them.

So now you know some fun facts about the lawyers. And if these fun facts have gotten you interested in becoming a lawyer, or you’re already studying law in university, be sure to check out baby bar exam prep tips to get the best results in your first year!

It doesn’t matter what exactly you need a law firm, Kamloops lawyers, or personal injury lawyer –  be sure they also have a good sense of humor. If you know some funny stupid laws, please leave them in the comments below, so we all can have some fun. There are also some incredible marijuana facts that you also may be interested in. Check these amazing and iconic courtroom dramas to get inspired.

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